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Phoenix, AZ

Found this what looks like a spider close to Gila Bend, AZ never seen one of these before. Any ideas?

I tried to look it up but I'm unsure if it's a spider or something else because I don't think I see 8 legs
Thanks for the help

Thumbnail by roymaster
Minot, ND

Not a true spider, but a non-venomous relative in the order Opiliones (harvestmen; daddy long-legs). It looks like one of the desert harvestmen in the genus Eurybunus - see
It is very common for these creatures to lose one or more legs through autotomy -

Phoenix, AZ

Ah awesome thanks
Ya when I first took the pic I thought it was a spider but when looking at it now I was like wait I only see six. Thanks for the info/clarification my google-fu was weakened by focusing on the color and wasn't sure how to describe it since I didn't know if I would label it a spider.

Thanks again

Melbourne , Australia

Can you tell me what this is? It's was super fast and only small but was on my bed !!
I'm in Australia Melbourne

Melbourne , Australia

Sorry didn't post pic

Thumbnail by Eeekkkspider Thumbnail by Eeekkkspider
Melbourne , Australia

I have found this spider on my bed. I'm in Australia, Victoria anyone know what it is ?

Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

Eeekkkspider, I see that this was your first day at Dave's Garden. Welcome! It takes a while to learn all the ins and outs of the site, so a note on posting to forums:

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Again, welcome and congratulations for your immediate participation!

Melbourne , Australia

Thanks green thumb I couldn't find it

Minot, ND

Might be a ground spider (family Lamponidae) -[email protected]/12294586513

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