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What is this?

Lisbon, Portugal

Hi all.

Found this weird bug in my house, and I don't know what it is. Any help?

Thank you!

Thumbnail by Nameless123
(Zone 7a)

Appears to be a cockroach.

Lisbon, Portugal


At first, I thought the same but it looks smaller and it only has 4 legs.

(Zone 7a)

Roaches come in many sizes and legs can be lost due to accidents, etc.

Melbourne , Australia

Can anyone identify this spider ?
I'm in Australia Melbourne

Thumbnail by Eeekkkspider
Lisbon, Portugal


Arrived at my house yesterday, found more of it, and now unfortunately I'm pretty sure they're roaches.

As I find them repugnant, any tip to successfully remove this problem from my home?

Thanks in advance :)

(Zone 7a)

Sealing around pipes, cupboards etc will help to eliminate their points of entry, roach traps and sprays. Unless you want to call in the big guns and get an exterminator.

Good luck! My DH and I successfully eliminated roaches from an apt. we had by sealing everything and laying sticky traps. You have to be vigilant and check ALL points of entry and even then there is no guarantee.

Lisbon, Portugal

Thanks kwanjin. The sprays I have already applied and the sealing I'm going to take care of that today. Simultaneously, I'm thinking of calling the exterminator. Let's see where this heads to.

Thanks again ;)

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Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)

Eeekkkspider, your spider is a juvenile of the White-backed Spider - Lampona cylindrata:
My first picture is of an adult and the second is a juvenile,


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