question about starting seeds in a plastic greenhouse tray

Los Angeles, CA

I used one of these a couple years ago and it worked fantastically. I just started a tray of seeds a few days ago and had noticed some of them just barely beginning to sprout (really more like the seeds had just cracked open) but then the other day I left the tray (with the lid on) out in the sun and I think I may have cooked them. Is this likely or am I being paranoid? It just seems there'd be more activity in there by now (it's been about six days) but I have no sprouts whatsoever.

Manhattan Beach, CA(Zone 10b)

Roseik I lost some seedlings that had just cracked the surface too last week because of the heat.

The seeds that haven't germinated may be OK. I'd wait several more days before giving up on them.

Calgary, Canada

With the lid on and out in the sun------that is like a very hot greenhouse!
It may have been too hot.
Seedlings need to be gradually hardened off to direct sun.

Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for the replies. I've been watching them and I think that really most of them haven't begun to "hatch" yet, just kind of panicked a little. Also, I think my memory of previous seedlings is a bit off and I forgot how long it takes for them to sprout. Referred to the packages and they suggest up to 2 weeks until the seeds sprout so I'll give them another week.

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

The cracking may have been the seeds absorbing water and plumping up. In that case you are still counting down the days/ weeks until germination. And yes, you may have cooked them - here in Colorado you certainly would have.

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