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Hairy Catterpillar

Guelph, Canada

Hey everyone, I found this little guy under some bark in a local woodlot (Guelph, ON) today and was wondering if anyone could help me id it (even just to family would be nice). He has a smooth black face with rings of hair around each abdominal segment, my best guess is some type of arctiid moth however I am not very experienced in identifying caterpillars so I am probably wrong but any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Minot, ND

It might be a yellow bear (Spilosoma virginica) - a highly variable species...

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Guelph, Canada

hmm maybe, the do look similar, the only thing is mine has a solid black face and body, form the looks of all the pictures I've seen, yellow wolly bears are yellow, but a high variability in physical features can explain that.

anyone else see anything like this

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