What color bedding would go well with a blue-green wall?

Schenectady, NY

Three of my walls are white, but the other one is a blue-green color. I plan to get new bedding soon, however, I'm unsure of what color would go well with the blue wall. I really like patterns, like chevron, polka dots, paisley, or other floral patterns, I prefer them over just solid colors. My bed is iron and black, but my other furniture is dark brown and very antique, so my furniture probably clashes with my bed, but it went with my old bed, but I know that's another story. Anyway, I'm really at a loss..please help? Thanks!

I went to Velspar's website, and went on there colors and I'd say it's somewhere in between these two colors, probably closest to Laguna Green-

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Alice, TX(Zone 9a)

I think a fresh lemony yellow and white, maybe with a floral pattern.

East Texas, United States(Zone 8a)

Male, female or couples bedroom

Male: gray
Female lavender or pastel pink
Couples yellow, white, taupe, any of the prev 3 colors with blue/green accents

houston, TX

bright or matt shades of cream color will give extra glow to your room

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I like the same intensity level in a clay/ terra-cotta color /paprika

I think that hot colors look best with teal but if I wasn't going in that direction...I too would use a bright creme/white with some browned reds for a fresh look

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Monticello, IA

Yellow I feel would look good and compliment the other colors.

Newark, DE

Your blue-green color reminds me of turquoise, which reminds me of Native American jewelry - so I think a gray/silver color would look best. Besides, even in silver/turquoise jewelry it is often found with black in the reccesses of the carved silver to accent it....matching your black furniture. Unless the other pieces are antique or solid wood with pretty grain, they could also be painted black.

I personally don't like the yellow idea because the two colors together, to me anyway, would look like Easter eggs - however if you don't like the silver/gray idea then I would go with cream.

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

I like a lime color with white and teal.

Saint Maries, ID

I think a nice mauve with turquoise trim or accents would go well with your wall.

The terra-cotta would look nice, too.

Can't see yellow with this.

Cream or white is too neutral, but that's just my taste. I like lots of color. Your other walls being white add enough white to the room, already.

What color is your floor and the drapes in that room? Perhaps bedding that matches your drapes or vanity skirt would flesh out the overall picture well.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I thought all the above ideas were excellent but I am seasonal when it comes to bed decorating. Don't know your budget but I switch bedding and how I make the bed seasonally while using accents from other seasons. My suggestio0n would be to start with a summer and winter cover and two sets of sheets or one cover and two sets of sheets. Don't match shams, cases, coverlets or dust ruffles. Keep it mixed up and interesting. Buy everything as individual items. More work and uncertainty but you can always return what you don't like. The bed is the main decor in most bedrooms so make it count. Mixing it up adds whimsy.

Use a much darker shade of similar blue on the dust ruffle. It does not have to be a color chip match. Colors that are off (like more true blue or more green) add interest when you think they might clash. A box pleat ruffle is a more tailored look and a gathered one is more casual or country. For winter bedding I'd look for a variety of blues with terracotta and browns to creme. If you are limited to one spread then use one with a light background. A duvet cover in paisley, plaids or dark florals with solid and mixed pattern pillows would be elegant for cold weather. I like plaids with antique furniture over florals. Solid spreads with interesting sheet combinations folded way down on the spread allow you to get many looks with only one coverlet. Look for bed making designs on line. In spring switch to checks. Gold or yellow, red, and standard blues will look crisp. Corals and ranges of green blues too. They are more classic with antiques than polka dots.

Black and creamy white

Melbourne, Australia

Blue green shade is light, so why not you use the dark colour bedding.. My bedroom colour is light and I used dark colour bedding.. You can check the bedding colour of Bambury brand if you are in Australia. Very nice colours and designs.

Woodbridge, VA

I would suggest pastel colors, yellow and pink would be a great combo. I also agree with gray if it's a men's room. Don't stick with a single color, I think it's boring.

New York City, NY

I would suggest a yellow and white combo will go perfect with your blue-green wall. Moreover, go for the yellow-white floral design for bedding to slightly match them with your brown furniture.

orangeville, Canada

I'm going to agree with missingrosie about terra-cotta. It will go with your dark-brown antique furniture, and plus, orange is a good soothing color for encouraging melatonin, to help you sleep!

Montreal, Canada

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Ontario, Canada

Lemon yellow with white floral will look good I guess

Melbourne, Australia

Striking examples are an astounding approach to convey present day style to your room. The striking blue example of the backdrop and drapery texture set against the rich dark colored and white sheet material makes a remarkable, eye-getting look. Keep assistants to a base to upgrade the present day feel.

The way to a fantastic room shading palette is to not exaggerate any single component. On the off chance that you pick a monochromatic shading plan, stir up surfaces and examples. On the off chance that you run with a striking shading blend, counterbalance it with a vacant divider or impartial bed materials.
I bought it a strip design in Australia from https://www.rushk.com.au/kas which I matched with green and yellow wall

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