CLOSED: Larger Version of a Song Sparrow?

Auburntown, TN(Zone 7a)

I'm stumped about this bird I saw grazing around my feeding station. It was in company with a bunch of Grackles and Morning Doves. It looked quite similar to a Song Sparrow, but much larger than any I've seen.
In fact, it was very similar in size to an America Robin. Any ideas?

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Thumbnail by Shaigirl
(Zone 5a)

Female Red[winged Blackbird. They do fool a lot of people.

Auburntown, TN(Zone 7a)

Thank you! Guess that explains why it was in company with the grackles, then later on a huge mass of starlings and blackbirds. Funny cause I've seen hundreds of red-winged blackbirds, but never a female! Thank you for helping me add another bird to my list of sightings!!! :-)

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