Has anyone planted Drift roses in partail shade?

Wetumpka, AL(Zone 8a)

Hi Everyone!
I have an apricot Drift rose and a red Drift rose, they are planted in a location where they receive about 5 hours of sun everyday and they have done really well. I like them so much that I thinking of getting a few more verities.
I'm wondering if Drift roses could be planted in an area that receives less than 5 hours of full sun a day? I have some partial shady spots that only receive about 2-3 hours of full sun each day. That may not be enough for them to produce flowers, Anyone have any experiences with this?

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Sorry no one got back to you, I have not heard of Drift Roses so I'm going on the thought you mean just plain old Rose bushes / shrubs or climbing Roses.
These all require the same care and treatment apart from pruning which for each type there is a slight difference in that, but as for light, soil conditions, watering, feeding etc, there is no difference at all.

Where your Drift Roses are concerned, It would be a disadvantage to offer less sun as you have obviously got the position right where they are, so I would be advising you stick with that amount of sunshine.

Roses do need good light and plenty hours of sunlight to help with the formation of Buds and then flowers, the sunlight ripens the woody stems and without that you are opening the door for diseases to take hold, weak plants get harmed / suffer more IF they are weakened by poor growing conditions.

Roses like a good rich soil with plenty of added humus to help air, moisture retention, food and lots of nice loose soil at the roots, .
I do hope I'm giving you the right advise as for Roses we all grow in our borders or pergola's, IF not that type of rose, then let's hope someone else comes in to help you out.
Good luck and best Regards.

Wetumpka, AL(Zone 8a)

Thanks WeeNel, I appreciate your reply and your help. I'm thinking it wont be a good idea to put them in partial shade, sigh.. I'll have to think of some other type of low growing shrub that will do better for those spots I guess.

Drift roses are a type of ground cover rose.
Here's a link if it will work.

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