Gazanias and Primulas

Sliema, Malta

Hi, I've just purchased a couple of gazania and primula plants for the first time. I'll be keeping them in containers in my sumnmy SE facing balcony. I've been googling on how to care for them, but just wanted to double check. Primulas only need a weak dose of fertilizer once a month (I use All Purpose Miracle Gro). Gazanias do not seem to require any fertilizer at all - is this correct? Or would it be ok to fertilize them weakly per month like the primulas?


Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Most primroses are going to prefer mild fertilizer, some shade and a reasonable amount of water. While some are from sunny fields, there are many that are from the edges of forests and similar locations. Morning sun is great, or filtered shade all day.

Gazanias are from harsher conditions. Drier, warmer, and full sun. They have been bred for fancy flower colors, and today's varieties are still tough plants, but to perform their best I would give them a small amount of fertilizer now and then. Allow them to get drier between watering. They would be the one to place toward the sunnier end of the area.

Sliema, Malta

I have sun in my balcony up to about 2pm, due to neighbouring buildings, it's all shade after that, so hopefully both flowers will be ok. Thanks so much for your help.

Sliema, Malta

After repotting my "gazanias" I noticed that the actual pot was labelled "Dimorphoteca". In the nursery, they were under a sign saying "gazania". I've google-imaged both flowers and they seem identical. Are they actually the same flower? I like to know exactly what I've bought so I can research the care accordingly. Thanks!!!

North Brunswick Town, NJ(Zone 7a)

Hi MonkeyFlower,
They are not the exact same flower, but are very close relatives, so it's easy to see the strong resemblance. They both are commonly known as African Daisies, both members of the Asteraceae Family.
I hope this helps. Best of luck, and happy growing!

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