CLOSED: House Spider?

Kelowna, Canada

Hey all, just wondering what kind of spider this is, and is it venomous. Or if I can just get the name of it, I'll look it up. I get at least 1 of these everyday in my apartment, and they're very annoying. There are trees next to my windows so that may be where they are coming from. I can't figure out on how to get rid of them either. Thanks in advance.

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Minot, ND

Not the common house spider, but can't tell for certain what it might be. The leg posture appears consistent with some spiders in the family Philodromidae (running crab spiders). Ay least it is nothing dangerous. With extremely few exceptions, all spiders are venomous to some degree, but only a very few species are truly dangerous to humans. See the 'sticky' on spider bites at the top of this forum.

Kelowna, Canada

alright good to know thanks. this is in north america, canada

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