Insects on ceiling after recent spate of rainy weather

Wilmington, DE


It's been drizzly and wet the past few days, and suddenly tonight I see approximately 20 winged, long-legged bugs on the ceiling of my apartment. They are hanging out mostly where the lights in my apartment are, like moths--although they don't look like any moths I've ever seen. I really have no idea what these things are. My apartment does not have bugs otherwise--this is the first large quantity of bugs I've seen simultaneously since living here.

Any help identifying these bugs is greatly appreciated, along with any other relevant information I might need to know about them.

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Minot, ND

These are non-biting midges in the family Chironomidae - harmless nuisance pests...

Wilmington, DE

Thank you, that is very helpful. Do you have any idea as to why they would just show up like this? It's been rainy and wet around here before and I haven't seen them in my apartment until now. Is it an issue of cleanliness (my apartment is fine) or something to do with the moisture in the walls/ceilings of the apartment?

Minot, ND

These insects are closely related to mosquitoes, and like them, their larvae are aquatic, usually found in shallow, stagnant/slow-moving water with a high organic content. Their presence indoors is strictly accidental, and has nothing to do with any condition in the apartment.

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