Eisenia fetida- Red Wrigglers or tiger worms

Bendigo, Australia

Hi all. I am a community gardner with Gravel Hill Community Garden - Bendigo. I am in the process of establishing a small worm farm at the garden and want to begin with red wrigglers.
Is there anyone out there selling this sort of composting worm?



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Grants Pass, OR(Zone 8a)

Yes,If you search online you will find several sources.

Goshen, OH

I just buy mine from bait shops. They give me abreak in price since i bought s o many

Goshen, OH

I think tiger worms an red worms are the same

Grants Pass, OR(Zone 8a)

The red wiggler is a hybrid between the tiger worm and the European red worm according to the original information put out by the Redworm Breeders Assoc. in the mid 70's. I haven't looked to see if they still exist. There are also folks that claim that the "hybrid" thing was just marketing hype.

Redlands, CA

I sell red wigglers.


I do ship by priority mail.

Payment through Chase or Paypal.

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

You might want to get worms locally or at least somewhere with a similar climate. They would tolerate your soil temperatures better. And you might want them to be able to escape the compost pile if it gets too hot, or put them in the "second" compost pile, after it has heated.

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