urgent question on potted iris

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8b)

I have grown iris for years but I have an urgent question..
I bought an iris at Lowes today in the pot 4 beautiful fans
and I would like to know if I should transplant it this first week of
April to the iris bed..

or should I wait to see if it blooms this month
or blooms in may in the pot ...before transplanting it.

It has no buds on it nor did any of the iris in pots that Lowes got this

I appreciate your feedback as soon as you can answer..
Just brought it home and set the pot in the sunshine for t his afternoon.
Sheri /sheridragonfly zone 8

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

Was it outdoors when you bought it? One way to see if it has a bloom is to check the foliage….Take your fingers and place on both sides of a fan…gently work your way up to feel the change in thickness of the leaf. If there are flower buds/stems down inside you should be able to tell if there's an extra thickness…(tho it may be too early yet). If it has 4 fans, it should be old enough to bloom…. When is your normal time for Iris germanica to be blooming in your area? (You could take it out of the pot and plant directly in the ground now or wait, which ever is easiest…If you do now I wouldn't mess with the roots too much, don't want to shock it). Hope that makes sense to you… Don't worry about it being in the pot…I have several hundred waiting to get into the ground this spring. All have been sitting in 1 gallon pots since spring last year…and many will bloom in their pots if I don't get them planted before my seasonal bloom which begins in e. June. Hope that helps…if not ask… Kathy

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8b)

no bloom I checke as you suggested...
I think since I am worried the pot might get too hot ..in the sun being it was bought in black
hard plastic...I think I will keep it all together as you said and plant it this weekend..
Not disturb roots and plant it just as it is in the pot..just dig the hole and set it down
at the level it was..I can not leave rhizones above ground as we do down south
because they are not above the soil in the pot, only one is showing ..
Will not put any deeper than I have to..

I had an extra pot of honky tonk and took it back to Lowes yesterday and the girl laughed
and said we throw them away in the garbage........

when returned..and I had tears come to my eyes, because I love animals, plants and old people

so I said well can I buy my plant back I just got refunded for and she said No.

So I asked for the store manager..and I could tell they thought I was a loo loo...

he came out and I said there is no use in throwing away a healthy pot of iris..

I am sorry but I have feelings for living t hings.....

so he said well we are required to throw it away and not resell any plant......

he was not going to let me rebuy the plant..then he saw that I was determined so he said

you can buy it back since you brought it in for the refund.....of it.

I guess that iris wanted to come home with me and live in sheri's healing flower garden!

thought you would enjoy that true story, as all of us who love plants..have feelings for them! Here is a squirrel eating his first strawberry..these were meant for the wild deer to eat... Sheri/sheridragonflys

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Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

You wanna feed deer you can have mine!!!! I have 2 heards, males in one group (about 10-15), and a heard of does and babies (10+)........ I'm doing everything I can to discourage them!!!!!!

Here I keep their knees (Iris) showing. I always try to keep the top of the rhizome at the soils surface. If I need I always brush off any excess dirt. If they are planted too deep, there's a good chance they won't bloom. You don't have to worry about the rhiz. getting too much sun... Pix 1 shows an area to the right of the fence, it ended up being a new Iris g. bed. 4foot wide and 125 feet long. More than 300 plants... This should be a good year for bloom. Last season it was still filling in and had bloom on most and am hoping this year all do. (pix of last season is on the other computer). Other pix are some of the varieties that I have. Smells wonderful when they're in bloom!!!!!!

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Montgomery, AL(Zone 8b)

Kathy that is awesome the new iris area..thanks for sharing

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

When I get my puter back up and running I've got a pix from last spring with them in bloom. I was outside yesterday inspecting Iris...in that bed alone there are 228 plants that are showing green so far....still hoping some that were small and planted late begin showing some green too! But will be in full bloom around June 1ish.....

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8b)

Sunrise elegy iris is to bloom tommorow or this coming week...

Honky Tonk blues has a bud

and stairway to heaven has a bud

and Mother Earth and Rare treat have yet to bud so far..

Edith Wolford will bud later with the others that have not yet
I believe...maybe in May..

those are the iris I have..

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

Here's a pix of my new bed to the left of my perennial border....it's approximately 125 feet long and 4 feet wide(228 plants). This will be the second season and I'm hoping even better this year. I have another new bed in the backyard with approx. 160 plants, (last season only a few bloomed this year should be pretty!) Mine won"t begin their bloom til June 1 ish...... I started trading for Iris a couple of years ago and have been getting many named but most of my origionals are now referred to as noids since many of the tags have been lost over the years..

I also have a somewhat local Iris nursery (70 miles away..lol). They open their feilds for digging and have a feild that is all noids and that's where I usually begin my shopping trips in the spring... LOL, can you tell I'm hooked on them... Sooo pretty and they smell sooo good too, another benifit is the deer usually leave them alone.

Love the ones that you've listed , even have a few of them too....tho not framiliar with Sunrise Elegy... Kathy

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Montgomery, AL(Zone 8b)

Sunset Elegy bloomed and it was beautiful
it is to bloom again this week!
I should have kept it in the pot but was afraid the
roots would get too hot in the black plastic and
that might have happened.

That is why I wrote and asked you all
after I bought it recently whether to take it out of the pot
and plant it with the buds just about to open.

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Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

WoW!!! That's a beauty for sure!!! Hope it smells good.

Pix...here's one of my favorites..it's called a flattie, Amarillo i'm thinking is the name....and it smells like Jasmine..

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