What spider is this?

Reading, United Kingdom

I came across this spider in the garden and I'm just very curious as to what kind of spider this is? I've tried having a look myself but no luck, so if anyone could identify it would be much appreciated! Sorry about the photo quality, I literally just snapped it up fast on my phone.

Thanks in advance!

Thumbnail by cleacjm Thumbnail by cleacjm
Minot, ND

There are two spiders in Britain that have this general appearance, the woodlouse spider (http://www.uksafari.com/woodlousespiders.htm) and the tube web spider (http://www.uksafari.com/florentina.htm). Given it was found in your garden it more likely is a woodlouse spider, but an image showing a clear view of its chelicerae ('fangs') would be helpful in confirming this.

Reading, United Kingdom

Thank you for the quick reply and for the information. I forgot to mention that the spider was quite slow moving and after your helpful information I to believe it is possibly the woodlouse spider. Although this has left me very intrigued so I will be keeping my eye out for its return or if I come across any others. Will be sure to get some clearer photographs if I do.

Thanks again!

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