SOLVED: Help Identifying Strange Plant

nazareth, Israel

I found this plant growing in my pot that I sow in it a seed, but I don't remember what is the seed is.
Help Identifying Strange Plant please


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Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Looks sturdy enough to grow into a tree.
Did you plant any tree seeds?
Is there one (or more) of these in any area where you did collect seeds? Could it be something that was mixed in with seeds you collected?

nazareth, Israel

Yes, I planted a seed that I collected from tree, but actually I don't remember what is the tree. it grew on november and its slow growing.
I didn't see a tree like that in my area.

Groveland, FL

Bottle Tree?( Brachychiton)

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nazareth, Israel

yessssssssssssss. its Brachychiton, I see searched for the seeds of this tree in google, I remembered that this is the same seed I planted in automn

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