Gassy Dog Due to Plants

Downs, KS

My dog has a ton of gas and I can't get her to stop. She spends a lot of time in our neighbor's garden and I think there may be a plant in there that is giving her intestinal distress. I was hoping someone on here may know, so I'm posting a pic of their garden I took from my window in case it helps with identification. Thanks!

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North Brunswick Town, NJ(Zone 7a)

I don't suppose you could get a closer pic of the plant? I know what my 1st thought was, but sure I'm wrong (hoping, lol) it's a bit wide to be MJ I think... Of course that would not give your dog gas, but perhaps everything he ate after might ;-)

If you can get a closer pic it may help. She seems to have only one plant type, but I'm not sure what it is from this distance and angle.
Just curious, but why does she allow your dog to rummage thru her garden? I would think one would not welcome the digging or possible doggie-doo, etc. Can you patch any holes in the fence to keep the dog out?
Just a thought, update if you can get a better pic, especially of any buds or veggie growth, etc. good luck,

Lititz, PA(Zone 6b)

Wow Danny, that was my first thought on the type of plant too.....

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

It looks like all the plants are the same type, either fruit, or some other type, anyway, I agree with the other mentioned, why would YOPU continue to allow your dog to freely wander around the neighbours yard, and maybe even into other yards for all you know.
I know IF a dog of mine was constantly farting, and showing signs of distress after visiting a park or anywhere else, then that area would be absolutely out of the daily walking routine, simple as.

The dog COULD be eating anything or being fed anything, unfortunately you don't appear to know just exactly what is going on, have you spoken to the neighbour about feeding the dog or catching it eating plants ect, they may have put stuff down for slugs, sprayed for Aphids or anything.
You really do need to take full responsibility and go speak to neighbour, or watch the dog soon as you see it enter the next door property,

I had a neighbour who owned a cat, the cat strolled constantly into our garden which never upset me at all, cats do roam, but I found the man who always patted our dog when we were around, yet I caught him kicking my dog very hard, BECAUSE it chased his cat out of our own yard, I had to take dog to vet, was furious and very upset for our dog who was totally confused by thinking the neighbour was a friend YET had been kicking the dog before, the vet found old swellings / lumps on the rump ect,
We built fence and told neighbour to keep cat at bay as the dog would continue to chase it from our yard. and police would be called IF dog was ever injured again.

I've had other friends who's family pets, cats to be precise, have been fed poison by neighbours, BUT hard to prove, the police said.

It's Your responsible for the health and safety of your pets / Animals and please believe me, Vets bills are not cheap. so you need to go along the boundary fence and fill in all the gaps, IF it's a shared right of way, you need to be with the dog when it's in YOUR yard or build a barrier at that point.
Hope it's NOT TOO SERIOUS for the dogs sake and your pocket.
Maybe the neighbours like you and doesn't want to approach you about the dog straying and they are dealing with that problem behind your back, who knows but for the sake of the dogs health, I would act instantly.
Best Regards.

North Brunswick Town, NJ(Zone 7a)

WeeNel, that's horrible! Your neighbor was a JERK and a half! I have to give you credit for not taking matters into your own hands, I,don't think I could restrain myself. I've always had rescues animals, and despise people who abuse harmless animals, specifically cats and dogs. If I saw someone kick my dog I would be the one in Jail... People like that make me sick...

Sorry for the rant, but I agree, please talk to your neighbor and if it continues, take him to the vet. My rottie was having a distended abdomen, and after much testing, we found he had brain cancer, we lost him soon after.
Not trying to scare you, but simple things can sometimes turn out serious. Best of luck to you, although I still can't I'd the plant positively.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Dannyboy Please put your mind at ease, the incident I mentioned happened many years ago, we sorted it all out by Making sure our dog was not anywhere close to the neighbour AND he was made aware of the vets diagnostic view of the dog injuries, yet you are right, in all you say.
Here in UK you must actually witness the animal being kicked AND if possible, have a witness, but end of story was, the neighbours moved to Australia, big enough country for isolation from others I assume, and hope,
The trouble is, some people come across as lovely sensible and animal caring people, BUT then you find their true colours.LOL.

I guess what I was trying to tell DOUNIEDOG was, we are all responsible for our animals actions, we should keep them in our own yards and when outside these boundaries, we are also supposed to keep them under control OR on a leash where the dog CANT be accused of fowling, damaging or eating stuff that should otherwise NOT be given to a dog because SOME animals are either allergic to plants or some foods that we humans eat.

Above all though, we have to take into account that some other humans don't particularly like other peoples adored pets and would rather NOT have them wandering into there own space,
Without wishing to start WW 3, it is surely only fare to the animal to keep it safe from ALL types of harm AND not be a trouble to the neighbours, after all, some neighbours would rather NOT have confrontation BUT, get fed up with the situation.
Animal owners should be so aware of all these others feelings as well as the health and safety of their animals.
The incident I faces with my neighbour was happening in my own yard as the cat strayed (AS ALL CATS DO) but my dog did not deserve the punishment meted out, I could have trained the dog NOT to chase the cat IF given that opportunity.

Unfortunately there really are people who should not be around any animals, they cant think out the box and see the what If's or a problem may arise long before it does, and there are others who absolutely adore their animals but lack common sense, we all have moments of lapsed concentration but, NOT on a regular scale when a problem is blatantly obvious, even IF like me, you think everything is friendly, nice and carefree.
Better to be accused of NOT allowing your dog freedom to roam than the animal suffering, be it abuse, sickness or just plain ignorance to your own or others views on animal husbandry, from both sides.

Thanks for your concerns Danny, have a great gardening season and keep on caring for others.
Best Regards.

North Brunswick Town, NJ(Zone 7a)

I agree 100%. Enuf said, lol. DownieDog, have you had any luck in finding the issues?

Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

It looks like MJ to me and that is the neighbor carefully harvesting the buds. I would keep my dog out of there. Gas won't be the worst of his health concerns if the neighbor catches him eating her "crop".

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