SOLVED: Plant that looks like Pineapple Sage, but I don't think so.

Belville, NC

I have a large bush in my new yard. It looks a lot like pineapple sage, but from what I read its much too early for it to have buds.
I am in the Wilmington NC area. We had hard freezes and lots of stuff is still hiding, This one is in in great form and I just don't understand how that could be. Its taller than I am. Big bush planted back in the tree line near the river.
Can you help? I am posting a picture taking a couple of days ago, first of April.
Oh, and tastes nasty (yes I did).

Thumbnail by MsRumsey
Darwin, Australia

Aesculus pavia?

Belville, NC

Thank you Darwin! That's the beast.
I'm beginning to see that my yard is planted for hummingbirds. We're late blooming here, but I have high hopes.

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