SOLVED: What is this House Plant?

Berkshire, United Kingdom

Had this for over a year, been keeping it healthy just by watering it and keeping the soil damp, but I'd like to know what plant this is before I repot it??

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Atlanta, GA(Zone 8a)

Could it be an Acuba japonica

Richmond, TX(Zone 9a)

Agree that it may be aucuba j . I realize I may live in a much more humid climate than yours, but this plant typically resents excessive moisture. Also , the closer to a bright window or outdoors in full sun, the brighter the yellow pigmentation on foliage. Looks like you are taking good care of it, just watch the watering. If foliage starts getting black along edges--excess moisture

Darwin, Australia

Codiaeum variegatum, Croton.

San Francisco, CA

I agree with Darwinensis - "croton" for sure.

Richmond, TX(Zone 9a)

I looked at Picture more carefully and by shape of leaves I think it is a croton and not aucuba. Pls disregard my comments above. As far as croton, I'm not familiar with that plant, I occasionally grow it as a tropical annual. Good luck w/ ur pretty plant

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