Kalanche Mother of Love

Coral Springs, FL(Zone 10b)

I just saw this plant at a nursery and I am trying to confirm it's name. The nursery had it named as "Kalanche Mother of Love". I tried to find it on Dave's but do not see a listing. I found some images on Google but they have it as Mother of Millions or Mother of Thousands and that is incorrect. Sorry I didn't take a picture of the hole plant because it was named and I thought it would be easy to find. Thanks!

Thumbnail by Kiyzersoze Thumbnail by Kiyzersoze
Coral Springs, FL(Zone 10b)

Here is another image.

Thumbnail by Kiyzersoze
(Becky), Lipan, TX(Zone 7b)

Not real sure, but from what I see it really does look like the 'Mother of Thousands' kalanchoe; Kalanchoe daigremontiana. If you are positive it's not, the only other kalanchoe with 'love' in its name (that I could find anyway) is the Mexican love plant; Kalanchoe pinnata. Here it is in plant files:


If that's not it either, post some more pics and I'll try again. Good luck on a ID :)

Mount Sterling, KY(Zone 6b)

Looks like Kalanchoe daigremontiana to me too, Becky. But it is hard to tell from the close up. And they might not have the correct name at the nursery, they do make mistakes. Good luck!

Sodwana Bay KZN, South Africa

This looks like Kalanchoe laetivirens to me, but pictures of a mere fraction of a leaf are not very decriptive and not much to go by.
Common names are made up at random by many nurseries and plant sellers - give an old weed a new name and everyone runs to buy it, because they have not got this one yet.... a mere sales gimmick.

Regards, Maddy

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

absolutely is one of the Kalanchoes above, now renamed as Bryophyllums. I'm aware of here leaf shapes: tubular, thin and flat with spots, and very wide and flat, with sort of small wings near the petiole (stem) All three of them readily make the babies. And other Kalanchoes may do it at times, but no with so much wild abandon.

Coral Springs, FL(Zone 10b)

@Maddy What do you mean pictures are not very descriptive? LOL! I think you got it!!! I will have to wait a until it blooms to confirm but I think that is it. Great job! I knew that my pics weren't very helpful with just the close up but I had a brain fart and like I said I thought since I had a name it would be a piece of cake. Should have known better! Like you said they make up common names at random. It really floors me when botanical gardens and Master Gardners go by common names. Thanks everyone for all of ur help and advice. I really appreciate it!! If it does turn out to be Kalanchoe laetivirens I probably shouldn't let it loose in my South Florida garden. Will keep you informed. Thanks again!!

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