Beetle with white joints

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Yesterday I saw a rather distinctive beetle for just a moment before it disappeared, down between the earth and the edge of a tub of bulbs. It appeared to have bright white spots on the joints of its legs and, despite only having a quick glimpse, it was so distinctive that I thought I'd recognise it again. But I can find nothing even remotely similar in my gardening books and, so far, nothing online.

It was 2 or 3cm long, really rather neat and pretty, looked more like a beetle than any thing else, dark brown rather than glossy black. I've left my camera handy in case it resurfaces but meantime I've no picture. But those white spots, like support bandages they were, will surely give it away for anyone that's seen one before.

My location is Lincolnshire, UK and I like to think I have a reasonable experience of insects through several decades of gardening and having kept bees for quite a few years. But it was a new insect to me. My main concern is if it or its grubs might damage the bulbs - otherwise it's probably welcome to stay.

Any help or advice identifying it - apart from the obvious "take a photograph" would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Minot, ND

You might try scrolling through this site:

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Thanks Flapdoodle for that link which was a fascinating website and is now on my favourites. Despite being fairly convinced it was a beetle, I ended up checking out the other insect sections too just in case. Still no luck yet but I'll keep looking and post it here if/when I solve the identification.

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