I know it is early, but when do I give up on these?

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

Obviously, this winter was rough! Way more things made it than I expected, though. I see lots of green! :):):) I see life in my oldest BB salvia and some other salvias....most Veronica's...my one buddleia......most penstemons....nearly all daylilies....and others.

I am going to plant a lot of seeds next week and partially redo my beds. I pretty much want to pull anything not likely to make it since I have plenty of seeds to put there. I would be doing that next week, so they all have a few more days to prove themselves. However, I wanted some advice from others, first. What do you think about the following? (I did put mulched leaves down late last fall and removed it a week ago):

1) I have several salvias showing life (older black and blue, 3/4 pineapples, etc). I have some that are not (especially s. Nemerosas). Most that are not yet showing life were not in super-great shape even last summer fall, as I bought them as clearance plants. I know salvias can take a bit to show life again, but I am leaning towards yanking the ones that looked sad even last fall/summer. Would you yank, wait, or put in pots?

2) Dahlias: I had Starsisters and others. They were not even supposed to survive 2012/2013 winter, but they did. No life shows up this year, yet (I have down they were green by 4/18 last year). Is there any hope for them? Would it hurt to put them in pots and wait?

3) Blanketflower/galliardia: They are supposed to be perennial, but one just bloomed and bloomed all last summer/fall. Is there hope for it? I also have an AZ Apricot. When do they usually start coming back to life? I think one had green basal foliage all of the previous winter, so I wonder if it bloomed itself out.

4) Mums: Only 1-2 are showing life. I know we are borderline hardy for mums. Don't they take a while to wake up?

Georgetown, SC(Zone 8a)

I'm in the same boat with a few Salvia; can't decide either. :)
I've never had luck with Dahlias returning, so unless someone else has an idea for them, I'd think they're the least likely to come back.


Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

Thanks. :) I've pretty much decided if it is not showing life next week, it needs to go. I have enough salvia showing life, and many of the ones not showing life were not super-great last year (casualty of clearance rack). I will likely just put the dahlias in pots with not much hope. I just have so many seeds. I hate getting rid of potential plants, but I would hate, even more, to have dead spots because I was afraid of pulling what is very likely dead. :)

Georgetown, SC(Zone 8a)

I have a pal who says he has good luck with dahlias if she digs them every fall and stores them cold and dry.
Good luck with yours and I hope they bloom big time! :)

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

Thanks! I started yanking, but I found life in a few dahlias...yay! :)

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