Can you identify this bird?

Fukuoka, Japan

This photo was taken on April 10th in Fukuoka, Japan in a deciduous forest at low elevation with a small open field nearby. Only have these 2 photos. Perhaps a bunting? Thank you, Kawasemi

Thumbnail by kawasemi Thumbnail by kawasemi
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Hi Kawasemi,

Yes, a bunting; that clear grey rump helps narrow it down to either Yellow-throated Bunting or Pallas's Reed Bunting, and of those, the head pattern fits Yellow-throated, female or immature male. Most pics I found of this show it with a strong crest, but in some pics show that at times, the crest can be flattened down as in your pics (the pale bar across the back of its head is where the crest ends).


Fukuoka, Japan

Thank you Resin, I was unsure because I was unable to get a photo of the bird's front and it's lack of a visible crest. Kawasemi

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