UGH!!! Any advice is appreciated-headless horseman

Arlington, TX

I have had this plant for 10+ years and it was one of the best bloomers, basically all summer long. It was also a grafted plant that I mail ordered from a CO. that is no longer in business. I am heart broken to discover the entire graft part has rotted. I don't quite know what happened but it could be because its been in the house so long with little water, due to our prolonged cold weather. I cut off the rot and have some nice branches. Will the base grow again and if it does it seems unlikely it will be the same color as the cultivar that was grafted. How or can I root the stems? I tried once a while back and none survived.
Also, what is a good source for hybrid or grafted plants (US based only)?

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Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

It looks like a Desert Rose plant. It may grow again. And maybe not. I had a beautiful plant but now it just sits there with nothing growing. I posted it here, but no one had any answers. Here is mine. It's been like this a few years, with no growth. I hate to dump it because the base is still green. Little Florida air plants are growing on it.

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I recognize your plant from another thread. ^_^
I have had good luck with this site:

But I notice they don't have any Adenium obesum at the moment.
I have gotten some wonderful plants from this site:

They aren't open for the spring yet. They are kind of pricey too.
Have you looked in DG supplier area? There they have ratings from other members.
Sorry your plant above is being stubborn about getting restarted. Give it time.
Good luck,

Decatur, GA

This is better.

Arlington, TX

Thanks for the links. I am looking for hybrids or grafted plants that bloom longer. I did post pics of this plant, several times. It was a beauty.

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9b)

Cheryl: Here in the Phoenix area the Lowe's are selling some really nice grafted Adeniums for a reasonable price. See:

I'm not sure you have Lowe's, but thought maybe.

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