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Decatur, GA

My back yard lawn is nothing to brag about. I am not big into turf but last year I had a lot of bare spots that were not attractive. Due to various circumstances I didn't get around to doing much about the problem. Now this year there is some kind of volunteer grass starting to fill in the large bare spots. I am wondering in anyone can tell me what kind of grass it is so I can take care of it properly.
Possibly this question should be posted on the Beginner Landscaping discussion.
Thanks Helen.

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Looks very much like winter grass (Poa annua), a terrible weed since it looks so good in early spring but then dies out when the heat hits leaving thousands of seeds for next year. GRRR! Very difficult to get rid of. Perhaps Preen in early winter or late fall might help.

Decatur, GA

Oh dear. Too bad. Thanks.

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