Repotting Felicia

Sliema, Malta

I just bought a Felicia plant in a 4 inch pot. I was told that it is a fast grower. Would it be ok to repot it immediately in a 9 inch or 10 inch pot, or would it be better to put it in a 6-7 inch pot for now? Ideally I would like to repot once, that is why I am asking. :)

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Monkeyflower, the Felicia is a member of the daisy family (Margarita's we call them here) they will form larger clumps and IF you have a garden, then place them outside in a semi sunny place after you have re-potted them up into a slightly larger pot, too bug a pot is NOT good for any new or small baby plant as there is far too much soil in the large pot, so where you water there is always the chance that the large amount of wet soil actually drowns the roots, causes mould or funguses to take hold and mostly, the plants die through kindness.
Once the plant is big enough to be self sufficient outside, place it in the soil where you want it to grow.

If you don't have an outdoor or garden space and you need to grow it in a pot, then you need to repot it when it's roots are getting over crowded in the pot it is growing in BUT as before, re-pot into 2 sizes bigger than the one it's in.
These are really outdoor plants but depending on the type of Felica, you have(there are many different types) there are some that are Perennial (die in winter and regrow from the roots in spring, then flower all summer till die back in Autumn, or there are some that are Annuals, these grow from seeds planted in early spring, make roots top growth and then flower all summer long before dying out ,but firstly they spread there seeds about and you may get a new batch of little plants scattered around the garden)

There are around 50-60 types of this plant but only a few are grown by gardeners..
Hope this helps you out and you have lot's of enjoyment from your little plant that should soon grow into a larger clump.
Best of luck. WeeNel.

Sliema, Malta

Thanks a lot for your help. I intend to leave it in my very sunny balcony, and will pot it up gradually, as you suggested.

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