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Knock, knock...who's there?

Heerlen, Netherlands(Zone 8b)

Where have all the European gardeners gone? How are you? Is everything okay? Overhere in the Netherlands we had a very, very soft winter that was nearly without frosts. Now spring has arrived and because of the higher temperatures everything is blooming even more than one month earlier.

St. Annaparochie, Netherlands

Yes, I am still here.
A picture of my Calendula. Bloomed whole winter here.

Thumbnail by Flinter
Heerlen, Netherlands(Zone 8b)

Hi Flinter, Annaparochie that is in Friesland so in the very north of Netherlands. I'm in Heerlen, the very south of Netherlands. Only the roses kept flowering in my garden. I 've cut them back as I always do in spring, but this time I could fill my vases with the flowers. Lot of plants have survived in the ground outside. My neighbour left his pelargonium outside in the ground. They did not flower whole winter, but they are still healthy and alive. Due the soft winter most of the plants that are on the border of fully hardy in my garden ( but do well in my sheltered garden) have grown more vigorous and show more flowerbuds ( like Cistus, Phlomis fructicosa, Salvia..) But some plants take their time as ever. Echinacea at the otherhand just show new shoots. They respond to more even temperatures between night and day. Arrgg..Last year autumn I have dug up the Dahlia in my garden for the first time in years. Normally I leave them in the ground without any harm and flower every summer just like that. Wish I had better skills to forecast the future, it could be labour saving...
Have you looked at Maartens Moestuin on TV? Did you like it?
Ps. Als het voor jou gemakkelijker is, reageer gerust in het Nederlands. (Transl. : if it is more easy for you, please feel free to respond in Dutch).

Büllingen, Belgium(Zone 6b)

Here in Belgium, we had the mildest winter ever. In the part of Belgium I live, we usually get frosts to -15°C and sometimes even - 20°C.
I have an explosion of germination in my seed containers. At least 50 that I winter sowed more than a year ago germinated and over 200 containers I winter sowed last winter germinated. I can hardly keep up with transplanting.
Hope to have a lot of new special plants this year.

Heerlen, Netherlands(Zone 8b)

Oh wow Jonna! 50+200=250! That are many, many new plants to pot up (and a lot of work). I do'nt sow so much these days, used to do that more 7 or 8 years ago. But never so many as you do. Pfff... Main reason is that I do'nt have enough place in my garden, my garden is full. You must have a big garden. Are you specially interested in certain plants?
At the moment I've sown only vegetables and a few annuals (for cutflowers). I 've pot up 14 different tomatoes, a few peppers,aubergines, squash (courgettes), pumpkins, annual herbs like basil, dill, petrosillium..and a few more.. I sow all these also for my neighbours and friends..
In what region do you live in Belgium? I live very close to the Belgium (and German) border. I hope this summer will be as beautiful as last summer.

Büllingen, Belgium(Zone 6b)

My garden is quite big, so I can plant a lot of plants. Every year I loose some plants and every year I like to grow some new annuals. Besides that I'm trying to get rid of most manipulated plants (the ones that are sterile and patentend).
My main interest is wild flowers and rock garden plants, especial the ones you can't buy at the nurseries.
You can have a look at my website to see what plants are growing in my garden.
All my seeds are available for trading. But I only trade special seeds for other special seeds.

I also grow vegetables and herbs. Peppers and Aubergines are not doing well here, but all the other ones you name I also grow. My favourite vegetables are Asian greens, like Pak Choy and Chinese cabbage, my favourite herbs are bunching onions, tarragon and vietnamese balm (Elsholzia ciliata).
I live in the Belgium Eifel, very close to the German border and about 1,5 hour driving from here to Maastricht.

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