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My Daffodils in Full Bloom -it's Spring!

North Brunswick Town, NJ(Zone 7a)

The first sign of spring... Pic is about a week old, but they still look great :-)
The Iris is starting to poke thru the bed as well... Looking good so far ;-)

Thumbnail by dannyboy91
North Brunswick Town, NJ(Zone 7a)

Ugh! I need to do some weeding! Now I can see them up close, lol!

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Just beautiful Dannyboy, there are several different types of bulbs growing there and should give you a really nice show for many years to come.

Yes go out and hand weed, don't disturb the bulbs as you do the weeding, BUT maybe after the Daf's flowers fade, clip them off and allow the greenery to die back naturally as this feeds the bulbs and gives them energy to make nice new flowers for next year. at the tome I do the dead heading, I usually fork in a handful of multi purpose feed around the area as this also boosts the bulbs too.

It's a good idea every 4-5 years to split up your bulbs clumps as when they are over crowded or NOT receiving enough light, they just send up green leaf and no flowers, when you see this happening, after the summer and the bulbs have been dead headed, be careful and lift the clumps of bulbs out the ground, carefully separate the clumps to maybe 4-6 bulbs and replant in the same area so the bulbs naturalise the area with a little help from you. always check your bulbs as you lift them at these times and throw out any that are squelchy or suffering any disease. if you don't, it will spread to all the other bulbs in time. Don't replant too close to the building as the soil is usually way too dry in summer to keep the bulbs from drying out, not wet soil but they don't like too dry soil either.

Enjoy your display and you will have it extending for many years to come.
Best Regards, Weenel.

North Brunswick Town, NJ(Zone 7a)

Wow, great advice, thanks! Those have been there for over 30 years, the Iris as well, so they are long time growers! I just bought my parents house, the home I grew up in, and now it's time to do some work, lol. Those are just as they have been for decades. I did separate many clumps and replant in different areas of the yard as well already, but you're right, they are heavily crowded, possibly choking the Iris a bit. Well after a few years tending things will be beautiful, thanks for the compliment as well!
Take care, be well,

North Brunswick Town, NJ(Zone 7a)

This pic is a perfect example of the result of poor sunlight. All foliage, almost no flowers. (And a sneaky little dandelion as well...) They are in the northwest corner of the house, behind a fence. They get MAYBE 2 hours of direct sun a day at most. Will be moving those this year, and that sneaky little dandy too, lol. ;-)

Thumbnail by dannyboy91
Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

The picture also tells you it's time to split that beautiful clump of bulbs up and re-plant them to the same depth, add some blood /fish / bone meal (already made up to correct mix) buy from garden department, a handful mixed into the new planting hole will be like long awaited Christmas gift for bulbs LOL. Make sure you plant where there is a little more light too, they are working so hard for you that they deserve a reward.

Best time to move these type of bulbs Dannyboy is soon as you see the flowers begin to turn/fade, put the spade into the soil a good bit away from the bulbs so you don't cut into the fat lush bulbs, they don't have huge long roots so once you have cut with spade all encircling the clump, begin to try carefully use a lift action again, try be gentle for the bulbs sake, patience is a virtue at these jobs, but once you have lifted the clump out, lay on grass beside the hole, gently separate the bulbs by running your fingers DOWN to the base and try TUG apart, if stiff, lay the bulbs back down and use 2 hands to try separate, shake off loose soil back into hole left in grass.
Either replant some back where they were BUT I would move the to more light, then follow instructions as above, add humus to new place and the added Bone meal Mixture, gently with a fist, press the loos soil down to help remove air pockets from planting hole, give a good drink and LEAVE till the foliage has either dried OR is yellow and tugs away easy, leave alone till next spring and enjoy all over again.
best of luck Danny, your doing a fab job,
Kindest Regards.

Monticello, IA

Simply gorgeous. I am loving them.

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