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Organic Nurseries and/or Seed Suppliers


There doesn't seem to be a category for organic in the search for suppl sierso I was hoping that you guys might be willing to share your favorite suppliers for organics. Shipping and drop shipping a big plus.

I keep getting tricked into buying something that I don't actually want in my garden. Go figure :o)

First time poster but a frequent visitor.

Thanks for all the great info...

Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

What kind of organics are you looking for? Pinetree, Johnny's, Territorial Seeds, Fedco, and several other sources have either all or some clearly labeled organic seeds and plants.

Saylorsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

As Greenhouse_gal pointed out many companies include organic products in their inventories even if they are not exclusively organic. I have used all the companies she listed and can vouch for their excellent products. Fedco is especially reasonable but shipping can be high unless you order $35 worth of seeds for free shipping (which I do each year).

But depending on what you are looking for (plants, seeds, tool, fertilizers, soil amendments, etc.) here is a list of 5 companies I either subscribe to or have dealt with:

Golden Harvest Organics seeds, soil amendments, fertilizers

Peaceful Valley seeds, soil amendments, fertilizers, etc

The Natural Gardening Company plants and seeds plus accessories

Seeds of Change‎ seeds, plants, tools and supplies

The Tasteful Garden‎ Mainly vegetable plants but some supplies as well

Upon Googling I came upon this site ( ) which lists a lot of organic venders. Some of the above I suggested are on that list as well! You may need to check out Garden Watchdog to determine how good many of the listed companies are.

Googling will help you find others and then you can check them out in Watchdog. Good luck!


Gardens alive,Foxfarm....I've used these companies forever.Don't always have the cash to buy the supplies that I need.

DFW, TX(Zone 8a)

I have a very long list (177 companies) of heirloom and organic seed suppliers but the entire list is made of links in a folder on my computer. I can send it in an email as an attachment to anyone interested.

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There are only a dozen or so companies that are exclusively organic.Any others are either owned by Plantron or their seeds are not what they say.

Dallas, TX

I could name names, but it would help (for starters) to know what you're looking for. Seeds? If so, for veggies or flowers or both? Amendments? Yummy stuff like liquid seaweed or fish emulsion? I'm very big into the latter and use various brands (organic, of course) depending on what I have on hand. If you're into some of the liquid stuff (not the ones I mentioned), I can give you a link for DIY.

I forgot to look to see if there's a sticky on top with various resources. If there's not, we should think about starting one. It would take some work and I think we need permission from the DG admins.

Anyway, let us know if you're in the mood for anything in particular. I really do know of a lot of companies that make excellent organic products. However, I know nothing about shipping since most everything is available within 5 miles or less from my house.

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