Germinating Sugar snap pea problems

Craig, AK

Every year it seems I struggle with germinating my sugar snap peas? I always try and germinate my plants inside because it's still pretty chilly up here in Alaska. I've never really seen anything about anyone else having problems with these. All the gerrminating sights say just throw them in the ground and watch them go, any advice would be great

(Robin) Blissfield, MI(Zone 6a)

Brown, I always soak mine overnight and direct sow the next day. I don't see any problems with sticking the seeds in potting soil 1/4" deep after a soak, except they don't like to be transplanted. If the transplant is done carefully, you can minimize the shock.

What are the struggles you're experiencing?

Craig, AK

Thks for the soaking advice. I tryed that with my morning glorys I was having problems germinating and it work great. Keeping fingers crossed that it works for me, cause I set up a nice trellis spot off my back pourch just for theses sugar snap peas

(Robin) Blissfield, MI(Zone 6a)

Sounds good, good luck...I bet they'll do great and look real nice on that trellis!

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

I have heavy, wet clay soil and long, variable spring temperatures with frequent light rain. Trying to start peas in early spring never works very well for me. I think they all rot underground.

One year I covered a raised bed with a tarp to keep rain off and got some to emerge. I have better direct sowing peas in mid-spring, because my summers are so mild the peas seem not to mind the warmth. Nights stay cool all summer.

I do believe that pre-soaking or even pre-germinating is a good plan for starting peas earlier in cold or wet soil. Just plant them as soon as any root emerges.

Or start them in guttering, in drier warmer soil, then push the pea seedlings and rootballs into a trench after the outdoor soil warms up and dries out.

Google "You-Tube pea guttering"

Magna, UT(Zone 7a)

Thanks for that idea Rick. That is a great idea and now I want to try it! I still have some beans.....
Just need to find something tubular that I could cut in half.

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