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Stockbridge, GA

I'm in Atlanta, Georgia - Zone 8, new to gardening, and just purchased a (combination pear tree 3') (combination plum tree 5') (fruit salad tree 5') (granny smith tree 5') and (arbequina olive tree 4') all from a Well known Nursery. I just put them in new pots 7-15 gallons, hope this will be OK for the new 2 years or so until I move to my next home where I would like to put them in half wine barrel size containers (I don't plan on planting in ground).

I was wondering is the a pruning and care guide for each species? I have no Idea how to prune or form these trees the best to fit containers. Is there a good book or video on dwarfing fruit trees in containers? I know fruit can put some weight on the tree and would like to know about how to support the trees the best also, should I put a support system like a terrace with each tree ( like the picture shown). Pictures and videos are better for me than words.

Thanks, Paul.

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Stockbridge, GA

No need to reply, I found information.

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

I'll reply anyway, in the hope I can provide some insight. Maintaining trees in containers over the long term requires a commitment to regular root maintenance - or the willingness to accept a slow and steady decline in your trees, changed only by the brief easing of the limitations imposed by root congestion whenever you pot up. Keep in mind that the growth spurt you think you see after potting up a rootbound plant isn't really a growth spurt at all. That little increase in vitality is your plant showing you how much more of its genetic potential might be realized if the roots were maintained so as to allow them the room they need to roam.

There is a sticky thread at the top of this forum about maintaining trees in containers - long term. It's a good place to get an overview of what to expect and how to cope.

Best luck.


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