Salvia sagittata

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

Hello All,

This is a new Salvia for me that I will be adding to our gardens this year. I've grown about 20 varieties of Salvias, so I know the growth patterns of many and been trying to figure out placement for the sagittata. Based upon many pics I have seen online, the foliage seems to remain close to the ground and makes a 'groundcover' (for those in higher zones where it is a perrenial....I assume...not here in zone 5) because it produces runners.
Since it will be just an annual here, I was thinking of planting a few of these plants within 2 different bed with Argentine Skies and Black & Blue...the other with Lady in Red.

I was trying to picture in my mind seeing the blues together (Argentine Skies, Black & Blue with Salvia sagittata) and the Lady in Red below the tall blue stalks of the sagittata when mixed together.
Would those senerios work?

I wonder if I put the Salvia sagittata behind the Lady in Red, if the foliage will get enough sunlight. For example, I used to plant a 'sea of red' in one section of our front would be Lady in Red, then Subrotunda in the middle, then Praeclara in the back. Now I would like to try having Lady in Red in the entire section with a few of the Salvia sagittata...maybe 4, spread out so it would look like a sea of red at one level and the blue blooms of the Salvia sagittata above them all. Does that make sense?

I have tried many senerios over the years and have stuck with what works and what doesn't for awhile now...just want to try something new.

And I want to do the same in another section of our garden...mixing 3 blues together...Argentine Skies, Salvia sagittata, and Black & Blue...

Any suggestions on placement would be greatly appreciated!!! :D

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London, United Kingdom

I am sorry that nobody has answered your very interesting thread. I cannot offer much help, living in England, where our zones are quite different, and similar Salvias may grow quite differently, depending on every summer's different weather here.

But your suggestions certainly seem good....trial and error perhaps. Salvia sagittata can be very temperamental over here, some years it is rubbish, next year it is stunning! Worth growing for the true blue flowers. In a good year, it is a star! It does seem to like warmth especially in spring, but not too much strong sunshine. My over-wintered greenhouse cuttings are about to burst into full flower, never known this to happen so early....but we had a very mild winter and spring. Hope the plants will flower non-stop from now on, will be placed outside next week.

As for S. coccinea 'Lady in Red', this only gives of its best in a warm summer here. S. praeclara (actually S. exserta is the correct name) is always a problem here, as seems to die shortly after flowering, such a pity as the flowers are gorgeous.


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