Plant growing in Saudi Arabia Planted in compound

I don't know what this is. It has fruits that have very little pulp and a large seed (or perhaps a second coating?)
It doesn't smell much, and from first impressions it didn't taste too like much, but was a bit bitter (I spit after testing the taste with my tongue in case it was poisonous . . . i know, probably a bad idea to taste random things, but after enough time as a laboratory scientist, you stop following the rules)
Here are some pictures...

It holds on to the leaves pretty much year round. It seems to have one main 'trunk' but has a few very long branches that start pretty low, so perhaps it is a shrub. It is relatively ductile (bends under the weight of its fruit).

Thumbnail by bparrott Thumbnail by bparrott
San Francisco, CA

Maybe Cordia subcordata

Keaau, HI

It does look like a Cordia.

If the fruit matures to white, it may be Cordia sebestena.

If the fruit matures to brown, and looks kinda dry, it may be Cordia subcordata.

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