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Found this in my garden, WHAT IS IT?

Chełm, Poland

Hi there! So I have this plant in my garden, these are fresh pictures, it's growing at the moment, in the summer it's waaay bigger. I live in continental climate (temperate continental), its spring now, about 15-25*C. Could anyone help? What plant is it? Please please please help.

Thumbnail by Strawy Thumbnail by Strawy Thumbnail by Strawy Thumbnail by Strawy
San Francisco, CA

looks like hops - Humulus lupulus

Bretten, Germany

You should pull it out. It' s a very invasive weed and will grow everywhere by runners and seeds!

Chełm, Poland

Thank you @Vestia!
@suse could you advise me how can I effectively get rid of that? it grows every year, my friend also have problem with putting it out.

Chełm, Poland

Ok, I guess I thanked too early, I've just translated the name to my language - it's definitely not Humulus lupulus (my neighbors grow it, so I'm pretty sure). Any other guess? I definitely agree it's invasive weed...

Chełm, Poland


Chełm, Poland

anyone knows what it is?

Albertville, MN(Zone 4b)

It really looks like hops to me too. Do you remember if it grew flowers in previous years?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

Looks like hops to me too. As with any other plant, keep digging it out until it's gone.

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