May 2014 - Spring and flowers

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Welcome to May! This is just a pic of a strawberry planter on the porch that is now a succulent planter. You came from here. -

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Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Same awful weather here. I did not walk yesterday.
Same here with the poppy bed. I grew up with one and I remember Mom loving them :o)
Oh wow! That is one COOL planter!!

BEAUTIFUL rainbow!!
I've never heard of pregnant plant, pregnant onion, yes, but I don't recognize this one.

Smiling over your wood nymph hothouse flower. I like that description!
Yeah, I wondered about that. I noticed they hadn't soaked thru the sides after being packed, but give them time. They were nice bags.

I'll be 57 next April :o)

Thanks Will!
The planter looks nice and the plants look really healthy!

If I'm not slow typing, I'll be the first to post, yayyy!

Today is our last wet windy cold day and so far it's all three. It has been one long month of the same. We did have a few nice days, but not many. I can't wait to see what this year is like.

Have a great day!!

Plainwell, MI(Zone 5b)

Will I really like the planter. Very nice. I forgot is your the clay planter or a plastic one? Looks really cute. Iwant to go to the huge greenhouse it takes about 45 to 50 mins to get there but the flats of flowers are only 5 dollars. They have anything anybody would want for the garden. So much fun. Even my husband likes to go. The plants are all so nice a big. They have a dollar section too.
Raining all day long here. A nice slow rain. We do need the rain. But itssuppose to rain almost all week. Everyday. The poor dog does not like the rain. We have to force her to go out and go wee.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Hehe... actually my thread starter post says 11:00 here but it was 12:00 midnite. I'm not a b-hole like I just had it composed and I hit send at midnite. Haha "wood nymph and hothouse flower"! That sounds like something dirty but it's not, a wood nymph is a goddess of nature or some such, (like on Avatar or OZ The Great And Powerful).

Those leaf waste sacks are gone and good riddance! I'm only halfway done, there is a lot left to rake.

Thanks bp and GL, I hope that strawberry planter stays looking good this year at least.
I have both kinds of strawberry planters oddly enuff. That one is heavy terra cotta or something, it doesn't have a glossy finish. There are 2 other smaller ones that are made of plastic out there.
Here is a pic of them in an April 14th post. -

I'm working on making a couple pieces of 4 foot sections of rabbit fence to go around the raised bed I put on the deck, to keep the cats out. I think 4 feet high should deter them ol' crazy cats.
Speaking of crazy cats, well, they aren't so crazy I guess, in the last 2 days they've caught 2 mice!
I admit it, mice get in sometimes, but, we don't have roaches or any nasty bugs. But Sally your not alone, the cats here also get mice.

Here's that HD ad, there is ALOT of outdoor stuff in the ad, including 4 for $10 on those flowers. - Just do the scrollbar to see more of the ad.

Wow, a flat of flowers for $5, that is a deal.

How does that new driveway look today, bp?

Oh, and 36 degrees tonite here in Kansas City. -

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Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

BP, won't be 60 until Dec. 2015, so I have a bit more time to enjoy my 50s & you're not too far behind me. LOL

Was exhausted from 3 nights of church and crashed at 7:30 PM Thurs. evening, so here I am up too early in bed on my laptop. I'll probably drop off to sleep again before rising for work. I plan to get up very early Sat. morning to plant my veggie garden.

Finally, the warm sunny weather is returning. Nicole killed a mosquito the other day. Not looking forward to their return. I just have to remember that they are pollinators for plants like cacao, so help us enjoy chocolate. LOL

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend by gardening to your heart's delight!

Plainwell, MI(Zone 5b)

Hey green I have lots of nights like that myself.. irratating huh? Hope you did fall asleep again. We are getting so much rain here. Been raining off an onfor the last three days. I did get my new plants in the ground tho. They will look great this summer. I got three new bleeding heat plants. I love those.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I bought some newbies yesterday at work. 2 new clematis since I lost 2, an anemone that is bright red, American Halo hosta, and Bottle Rockt liguara. The clematis I have a couple spots for but the others have to wait til the siding finally gets replaced on the north side. Then I have to replace some of the soil in there. Very crappy stuff.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

They sound like nice buys, pepper, maybe you can get pics, they sound pretty. The 2 'Midnite Lady' Ligularias that you gave me 3 years ago are coming in good in my shade garden. I like them, they get a big, nice leaf on them.

I got my "deck - raised vegetable bed" done today, I even got a 4 foot rabbit fence around it, (to keep the cats out, that's their "outside" - I put those old Walking Onions in there today, boy was that a heavy, dirty job I got those Walking Onions at the Spring Roundup in 2007 from tetleytuna.

Happ, I was wrong about something I said was for sale $3.33 at Homedepot, it was Portulaca not Sedum. It looks like Creeping Sedum and maybe it's also a succulent, I don't know. -
I also got these yellow Marigolds for $3.33. - I also got an 8 pk. of Dusty Millers but they're outside.

I bought those first (2) 8 go in a pvc planter I plan to make but I need to make it soon before the Marigolds stop blooming.

Killed a mosquito, she's a killer like pepper, she kills Wondering Jews!

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Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

Happy 1st Saturday of May everyone! I'm going to be outdoors enjoying this gorgeous weather. I plan to shop vac my garden that is covered with maple tree seeds "helicopters". Then, I'm setting out my tomato plants. I believe that I'll hold off a bit on the peppers. Instead, I think that I'll put them in bigger pots and take them outside on nice days for another week or two. Ditto with the eggplants. We'll see how the tomatoes do first.

The lawnmower got repaired this week and the weather is finally nice enough to test it out. If only "Brownies" would clean my house this time of year. LOL

Someone traded me 5 dozen of their fresh brown chicken eggs for 4 blackberry plants. I believe that I came out ahead! I did guarantee my plants and am prepared to stand behind them. I already scrambled some of the eggs for breakfast, and they were delicious.

Will, it's hard for me not to kill a mosquito. They are so plentiful here in the American Bottom where they're responsible for transmitting to humans everything from bird flu to encephalitis. The dogs in this area have a high rate of heart worm infestation. The treatment to cure canine heart worms spread by mosquitoes is costly, so I give my dogs their preventive on the 17th of each month year round.

Lemon balm is suppose to naturally repel mosquitoes. My back yard has lemon balm growing in every nook and cranny. Does anyone want or need some? It also makes a great herbal tea, smells real good, & bees love it!

A reminder: The Central Midwest DG Roundup is only 4 weeks away!

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Sure, we'd love some Lemon Balm, green. We can't find it for sale here but my friend is big anti-mosquito too and she heard that Lemon Balm is a natural mosquito repellent too.
My tomato plants and everything is drooped over (but not broke) from the 3 or 4 days they spent in the bathroom on their sides, (I should've had them upright in there).

Just curious Betty, what's a brownie? Are they edible?

Yes, 4 weeks, cannot wait! Now that my temp assignment has ended. I am unemployed once again, so I should likely have that day very open.

Well, I believe the cold-snap here is over. Now, I think I can finally put my 40ish houseplants out. Well, on second thought, maybe not the ones that balk when it's under 60, I might wait a couple weeks on those, I don't want no steenking surprises!

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Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

Will, I checked to make sure that a brownie does what I intended with that comment. Here's the explanation that I found:

In English folklore, brownies do house chores at night while you're asleep in exchange for "gifts" such as; porridge and honey. If you call the gifts payments, they will leave. Brownies live in an uninhabited part of the house. Fairies, elves, etc... the little people that we never see. Do I believe? No. I was just trying to be funny.

So far, I've swept the driveway, garage, and back steps, sidewalk and raked part of the yard. I've filled 2 lawn bags with leaves, maple tree seeds "helicopters", and dandelions. Meantime, I made sun tea while I was raking. The tomatoes are sitting in the backyard in partial shade waiting to be set out this evening.

It's the time of the year to pull out the crock-pot to cook dinner while I'm busy outside. Today, the menu is ham and beans.

I'll bring plenty of lemon balm plants. They are so lush and green right now. My spearmint smells great too. It also attracts pollinators when in bloom.

Plainwell, MI(Zone 5b)

Oh, gbi have neen picking millions of those helicopter maple out of my yard too. Ggrrr. Every year I know. But seems like so many more this year? You have been ver productive today. The weather has alot to playin that. Good for you.
Will great job on your flower bed outside. Very nice. The cats will be upset cause they love to dig in dirt. To bad for them.
Pepper nice purchase. I love the clematis and of course hostas. My yard is full of them. I planted a new clematis already too. Do not rememeber the name.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I have a whole bunch of clematis too. lol. I also have a yellow jessamine that I love. I'm hoping to dig it up and transplant it to the old electric pole where the bird feeder is now. That will add some color there.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

A brownie is mythical eh? So is a wood-nymph and garden gnomes but I think it's okay to have an imagination!

I've got lots of that outdoors work to do too. Today I mowed the yard. I need to do all that stuff too, that you mentioned, green. Oh, I got Maple helicopters too! It's funny we have them every year and we don't have a Maple tree! It's also amusing that we have tons of the big Sycamore leaves in our yard to rake up and we don't have a Sycamore tree! I don't complain to the neighbors though, I'm sure they get plenty of our Pin Oak leaves so it's a fair trade! lol

Thanks for the Lemon Balm, Betty. My friend just loves Spearmint too, if I could get some from you, you and me would be golden with her!

Thanks GL, oh those cats are upset I'm pretty sure! They'd like to get in there and play but they may only look! - I took a pic of them lounging, I'm sure they wish they could get in there.
That's my variegated Schefflera tree in there too now. That fence around it opens up in the middle, it's 2 pieces. It's opens real easy, that's just 2 black metal clips holding it together.

I made that pvc planter that I've been talking about. It went easier than I thought, not many problems at all. I'd say it only took a couple hours to make. I just hope I can get enuff plants to fill all the holes I made. I took quite a few pics of the project. - I plan on hanging it from the porch, it's about 3 feet long. I don't know if I got a pic of the metal strapping (using about 8 wood screws) around the window screen on one end, (after I stapled the screen too). But I don't want that screen to come off, that would be bad.

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Will, you need to make a bed just for the cats. lol. Put a nice flat rock in the middle for lounging, a dirt area and some cat nip and mint for rolling on. lol.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Yeah, maybe I'll do something like that. I suppose they should get something nice. They've been good cats, the last 3 days they've caught 3 mice. Last nite, one of the cats even brought an alive mouse into my friend's bed!

Are you selling lots of those 4 for $10 deals at Home Depot, pepper?

I need to take some stuff back to Home Depot for store credit. I for sure need to get that Weeping Pussy Willow back up there for a refund, it's already dead. I think if I had bought it about now instead of when I did, (I think Jan. or Feb.) it would have made it. I have several smaller $2.98 plants that croaked, so HD get ready, here I come! That Weeping Pussy Willow though was $19.98 so I definitely have to take it back, if not just for store credit. Hopefully though, it's been less than 90 days since I bought it, so I can get cash, but I might get another one actually, it's a neat plant.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

We're selling lots of everything. lol. I'll be heading up there again tomorrow to shop. I need to get some more strawberries for my garden and there are a few plants I have my eye on that I need to debate on. I'm wanting Batik iris. Love the streaking and the scent.

Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

Will, added lemon balm and spearmint to my list of stuff to bring. I'm reviewing the list and see that I need to get busy!

I am so sore today from yesterday's yard work. I seem to be sore every time that I work in the yard. When will my muscles be toned enough not to ache?

gl, I believe that you're right. The silver maple trees seem heavy with pods this year. I tried eating one; remembering last year how we discovered that these are edible; and it didn't taste bad! The squirrels are always eating the seeds out of the pods. I remember the seeds should be green.

I purchased an old Portland rose (Comte de Chambord) from HD at least 3 years ago and it's still doing well. Here's a prior fall pic. I'd like to see if HD is still carrying old garden roses. I remember they were very reasonable and there were some others that I wanted.

I did set out my tomato plants yesterday and need to check on them since it's pretty warm & sunny today. I'll check back later. Enjoy your day!

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Thanks Betty, I just told my friend that your also bringing Spearmint and she says , "cool, I love Spearmint", I thought she did. It is WARM today! It isn't quite as warm as this photo on the deck just now, as it heats up out there a little more. It is close though, they say it's 85. -

That is my Umbrella tree in the photo of the deck, it should like being out there more than in here.

I spray painted my pvc pipe planter green, in case there's some bare spots for awhile, maybe it won't look too bad. - I've since also painted that little one, my friend wants me to make a small one for in the house.

That's a nice Rose flower, I love that lavender color on a Rose too.

Boy, the yardwork just never stops!

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Plainwell, MI(Zone 5b)

You sure are a busy guy Will. I have been very busy the last few days myself. Been loving it too. Gb I am with I to am sore after working in the yard, garden. But I like doing it. Beautiful rose love the color. My favorite color in a rose is yellow ones. But your is beautiful, I only wish I could have roses. Just not enough sun in our yard. I have tried many of them and nothing. Bummer.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

We do carry some of the older ones still. They are the non patented roses. I'm always sniffing them as I walk by. lol

I finally got my tomatoes, peppers and onions planted today. I still need to dig up wild onion and do some more weeding. Also keeping an eye on the shrubs I got from the show at work. Looks like a few may have bit the dust but they seem to have some life left at the same time so I'm just playing wait and see.

Need to dig up some stuff for the RU and make cuttings also. Need to see if there is anything my grandma wants to get rid of and get them too.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Thanks GL, yeah been unusually busy I guess the last few days. I am trying to do catch-up, there is just so much to be done! Today, I did something with my chainsaw that I hadn't planned on doing, but it needed to be done. So, I did it and now there's just a lot of branches and sticks and vines to pick up
Oh, I see I forgot the pic of my green planter! Here it is. -
I'm going up to Homedepot in a minute to get a refund on my dead Weeping Pussy Willow.
Where'd ju go?!

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Plainwell, MI(Zone 5b)

Yes, I got up early this morning. I had a dave gardener asking for some shade plants for her new house I sent out a box. I like doing that stuff. I do have enough. So it fun to share. Am going to a meeting on thursday night about a community garden in my city. Should be fun. I have some thing to give to that too. And the best thing no postage to pay.have a great monday all. Cinco di mayo. Are you have mexican tonight for dinner???? Haha. Just wondering.

my yard is coming back to life. It is looking so good. So excited.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Sharing stuff with other dger's! You go girl! No mexican but I just now had a bag of Doritos, that has to count for something! lol

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Corn dogs. lol.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I transported my Elephant Ears and my Cannas into their new spots for the Summer. I wanted to get them in place before the leaves came out, so they wouldn't have to do any adjusting of different light conditions too much. I got my new pvc planter all filled up, it's about half yellow Marigolds and some cuttings of English Ivy from the yard. I hope it doesn't take too long to look better, right now it looks like poo.

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Plainwell, MI(Zone 5b)

Oh Will you know it will not take long for them to fill out. I always think the same thing when I plant my pots and planters. They are so small but then before you know it they are spilling over the sides. Enjoy them all.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Oh thanks GL, right now it looks like crap. It looks like something that you'd see in front of a trailer home in Arkansas! Before anybody thinks that's a slight, I've lived in a trailer home and I've also lived in Arkansas! lol I literally topped that planter off by putting a cutting of my little variegated Vinca minor right in the top of it. I bought a little variegated Vinca minor to go in my best strawberry planter a while back and it has really taken off. It was almost growing too fast for that strawberry planter so I think it can stand to have a big cutting taken off of it. I like the small, cheap variegated plants because they soon turn into big (expensive-looking) variegated plants.

Thanks GL, and how are you? Btw, where'd everybody go? We have a Roundup in three weeks and I will see all my friends there I'm sure! : ) You and your husband should come.
Well back outside, I came in for a drink of water and to check with my people here.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Here but taking off in a bit for water aerobics. lol

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Hi pepper! Water aerobics eh? I see. Remember that Butterfly Bush 'Nanho Blue' you sent me about 3 years ago? I thought the Winter killed it as it didn't leaf out. But, it isn't all the way dead, it is sprouting from the roots. That is fine, it will be big and probably in flower by Summer's end. I took a couple photos of it. - There's Bernie the stray cat in my photo again! lol

Well, I am relocating some stuff from my shade garden. I hope the plants take to getting dug up now okay. I have been commissioned to assemble a swimming pool in the area where the shade garden is and into under the deck. I have a photo of the Heuchera (Coral Bell) 'Citronelle' getting dug up, gently I might add! - There is 4 plants in the shade garden to dig up, I've already dug up 2 of them, the 'Citronelle', and a Coral Bell 'Plum Pudding', two Ligularia 'Midnite Lady's will get dug up hopefully tomorrow. -

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

A swimming pool in the shade? Much better in the sun!! lol

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Hehe.. yeah, better in the sun! But, actually it'll be about half shade and half sun. We wanted to get some of it under the deck for shelter from stuff dropping in it (for ex. from trees). We also chose that spot because it is the best paved spot also. Tomorrow, we are going to get the dimensions of it so hopefully there's enuff room or I've dug up my shade garden for nothing!

Btw, isn't water aerobics for people that are trying to lose weight? Your not anorexic are you pepper?

Plainwell, MI(Zone 5b)

Wow dug up the whole garden Will? Last summer itook all the grass out of ourfront yard so I kinda know what you mean. That was a lot of work way to much work. It was hot also. Peppers good for with the water arobics.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

It builds muscle more than anything. It's fun. Alot of people of all ages in the classes. :~)

If you can find some, get a roll or 2 of screen like you put on screen doors and use that to put on top of the pool when not in use. That will help catch stuff and might be easier to clean that than the pool.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

My dad found this ant hill today. The white stuff is diatomis (spelling wrong I know) earth. That helps give you an idea on how big it is. It's probably about 5 to 6 feet around.

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Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

Been nice all sunny all week, so got some planting done and now waiting for the rain.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Yeah, the WHOLE It's only 4 x 7 feet, it isn't big. That ant-hill of pepper's is probably bigger! What also stinks is a few years ago I really prepared it all up with weed fabric. I even put a bunch of dirt in there, now I gotta take all that out to level it out. Thanks pepper, that's a good idea, I think we have a roll of window screen. I'm glad to say that what I dug up yesterday, the 'Citronelle' and a 'Plum Pudding' (both are Coral Bells) look fine with NO curled leaves even. Maybe I'm getting the poo-pooed growth-season-transplanting down! lol I really shouldn't try to move plants this time of year but sometimes it just has to be done I suppose. I'm really glad they're okay, if they had died I wouldn't have had any excuse!

Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

Irises, bridal wreath, and Star of Bethlehem now in bloom. Roses bushes covered in buds, so they should be blooming in a few weeks. I love this time of year!

Plainwell, MI(Zone 5b)

Will, I have moved several things already this year. And they all are doing great also. Even sent out a box for a share garden. GB I love this time of year too. My plants are all unfurling and stretching and warmkng up. The sun is a wonderful thing. Have a great saturday. We are going to a musical tonight. Annie get your gun. Will be fun. Tomorrow for mothers day we are having family over. Monday we leave for Chicago. Going to be so much fun. My husband is taking about the hotdog vendors. He grew up in Chicago came here when he was 12 after his mom passed. Have a great day the weather here is suppose to beautiful. I am on vav ation now!!!!

Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

GL, I know that you & hubby are going to have a great time in Chicago. The weather should be favorable for your trip. Happy Mother's Day!

Will, I have been reading about how to propagate a spirea bush and hope that I have the patience to try this for you. If I do get a few started, I'm bringing them to you to nurse into; hopefully, fully rooted plants. I don't have any growth hormone, but I read that honey can also work. I have plenty of that in the pantry. What's your thoughts on this and anyone else; esp. Juhur; feel free to chime in. I have zero experience in this area. I've still yet to read about propagating the cotoneaster and button bush, but I'm assuming that all woody shrubs would be the same process.

Here's the list that I've made. Please let me know if I missed something.

Pepper: blackberries and catnip
JW: blackberries and star of bethlehem
Will: spirea (bridal wreath), contoneaster, buttonbush, spearmint and lemon balm.
Will, do you still need bamboo and nanking cherry bush?

Please don't hesitate to remind me if I've left something off or to ask for anything else.

I'm really enjoying my Saturday morning sitting outside on my new covered lawn swing that Carla & Chloe brought by yesterday after work and completely assembled for me. It's facing the morning sun and my veggie garden; complete with 2 small tables. I'm sitting here now typing on my laptop while drinking coffee. I took some pics this morning and will post later. What a pleasant surprise! I enjoyed more than anything the 2 hours spent with Carla in the backyard while she completely assembled it for me as we chatted. I hope to spend quality time on this swing with my loved ones. Right now, I'm sharing the swing with puppy, JoJo. I'm glad today is nice and sunny. Carla and Chloe wanted to make sure that I have a comfortable & shady place to take breaks while working in my garden. I know that it's going to be my favorite resting spot. : )

I'll check back in later to catch up on any new posts and to re-read some of the posts that I've skimmed over. (Something about a giant anthill and poo-pooed growth season transplanting! LOL) Yes, I need to take my time and re-read these posts. Sounds interesting. : )

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