May 2014 - Spring and flowers

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Me too, had a great time. I'm quite an introvert as you could probably tell but I'm not crazy I enjoy good company and you guys are so pleasant! I feel very comfortable around all of you, I had a great time, thank you all for coming.

Yes, pepper, shade garden ideas! Man, I got so much stuff, even some water garden plants. I got a big unholed barrel just for water and water plants, (until I get a real waterpond again).

Yeah, Bothwell Lodge is a beautiful place too. I'll post a photo of the view from Bothwell and one of Bothwell, (which looks kinda funny as we were on the grounds). -

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Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

It was a most memorable day! Good food, amazing assortment of plants, and dear garden buddies. : ) I hope to see more faces next time. Bothwell sounds good. My girls really liked the place and didn't want to leave once we got there. We stopped in Kingdom City at the souvenir shop and ate at McDonald's. It's because since my kids were small that was our pit stop on the way to visit their grandma Dottie in Eldon. Now we usually only get to Eldon in the fall to attend the Eldon Turkey Festival with my SIL and her hubby who still live in Eldon, so we'll be back out that way on Sept. 27 with my DH since we're visiting his family.

I unloaded the plants from Carla's car into my wheelbarrow and pushed it all in the garage for the night; except for "Cactuar". (Yes, we named the cactus on the way home.) He got to spend the night indoors. Carla got the name from a video game and "Cactuar" killed her with his 1000 needles. LOL

Will, you did surprise me the most by being so quiet. I'm just glad that you're so chatty on the forum.

Thank you everyone for sharing all the terrific plants. They will get plenty of TLC.

By the way, we were surprised to see a total of 3 dead armadillos driving back on I-70 between Kingdom City and Warrenton. I'd read a DG post a few years back of a Lake of the Ozark gardener complaining that armadillos had migrated this far north & were destroying his garden. I just hadn't seen any until now. Weird!

Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

This thread is closed and we're here now.

Minneola, KS(Zone 6a)

It's common to see armadillos on a highway dead and a little less common otherwise though. The oil companies that bring piping up from Texas have armadillos in the pipes and the armadillos jump out of the pipes going 70 on the highways which leads to their death. Sad, I know, just know from oil drilling in our area. They haven't really migrated as much on their own as much as being brought up here by accident.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

It's been busy!

I finally!! donated 18'' of hair to "Wigs For Kids' on May 30th. It's divided into smaller ''tails so they can get more hair for those who would like longer hair. They say they lose up to 4'' in the traditional tail. I can see that.

Dad had cataract surgery the other day so we took him to that and his follow up appt. Another week appt coming up and then he does the second eye.
He just turned 85. We fixed him dinner on his actual b'day and had a party with the daughter and kids on Saturday.

We tore off the ceiling tile in two rooms, had tile on back order and DH just got it finished yesterday while I was mowing.

We were lucky and missed the strong storm that crossed the plains earlier this week. I was watering for my neighbor so I went over and took down all her hanging plants, set those in stands on the ground and pushed all her furniture up against the house. Not a bit of wind came, but we did get 7/10'' of much needed rain!

We'll have gnats another month and a half and the 17 year locusts come out this year

I am sleeping in now that it's still daylight till almost 9:00 pm. I hate it, LOL!

The garden needs hoed again, spinach needs picked laundry needs to be done and dishes too. It just piles up, LOL!
But we may have heavy rains tomorrow so the outdoor jobs need to be done first!

I love the summer months :o)

Have a beautiful day!

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Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

The rest.

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Hi Sally! That's alot of hair you donated again. You like The 3 Stooges too!
85 is that all?! I have a grandfather who is 92! 85 is real good though, my Dad died at 60 in 2007 (thanks to a hospital). No big thing, I know you must have the May thread bookmarked or are watching it but here is a link to our June thread. -

Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

Beautiful BP & I'm glad that you shared the pics. Hope to see you on the June thread.

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