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Munster, IN(Zone 5b)

What do you use to hold up your vining plants? I have a heart leafed Philodendron that really needs better support. I used to have it growing on a wire which held a moss insert, and I could use u shaped pins to hold the vines in place. The moss was supposed to wick up water, but it never really worked right. Also my Nephytis [Arrow head] gets out of control if I don't cut it back and reroot it. I read about the bark poles in an older houseplant book but have not had any luck finding a source for them.

My DH is pretty handy, and we love to recycle, reuse so any ideas would be helpful. TIA

toms river, NJ

I have seen individual stockade fence replacement pieces at HD. Think they were less than $2 each. That might work for you.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Something "rough" is easier for the plant's air-roots to grab onto.

If you have a Sawmill anywhere near you, go ask them for a slab of bark.
They don't use that as lumber, and, I think, it is just sliced off.
Then--you can attach that to the fence picket.

I think you could just let your Philodendron fall allover itself. You can guide
where you want the ends to latch on by tying them together.
Besides--this way--you will also have a fuller plant.

Just my 2 cents....Gita

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