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Tea Room # 127

Clifton Springs, Australia

That last Tea Room thread was getting a wee bit long....so I thought that I could share some news and start a new thread at the same time....
Jean's husband has had his op and is currently recuperating in Geelong hospital....Jean is staying nearby and spends her time with him during the day....
No doubt she will be back in the Tea Room when she gets the time....she knows that our thoughts are with her and Robert until they are both safely home.

Well winter is almost here for us and it's spring for our northern friends, hope everyone is busy planting bulbs or enjoying the ones that are already flowering....none of this is meant for you Anthony, we know what you are doing.....good luck with them all...

I thought that Sugar could start us off, she is an honorary Tea Roomer....

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Clifton Springs, Australia

This is where we came from...
Here is one of Jean's cakes for us to share, it might be a bit stale, it's from a few hundred posts ago.....lol

Thumbnail by Seachanger
barmera, Australia

Hi Dianne. Nope the cake was fine with some cream poured over it. Jean it was so good to hear that Robert's op is over now. Such a long wait. My best wishes for a speedy recovery for him and you look after yourself too. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris
Christchurch, New Zealand

hope Robert's recovery goes smoothly!

what a surprise to see Miss Weasel already here.
Although she is such a gannet we will have to watch out for our cake.

It hit 22C today - a bit warm for merino & business was very slow all day.

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Cake is good. I wonder how anyone would think I would get lost. (hehehe) Glad you left me a trail of crumbs...I just followed the birds that was eating the crumbs. G'day to you all...

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Not lost either, been very busy!-need 2 of me again.. Charleen , so good to see you, Charley and all the other animals back amongst it!

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Always great to visit with you all.

Thumbnail by ridesredmule
Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Wow....lost in the woods again! Okay, now I'm found..

Beautiful Spring day here, flowers in full bloom! Spent most of the weekend with G-Kids in the local city park. Weather perfect for the Spring garden dig.

Ellen caught a bargain on a huge bag of unidentified Dahlias, mostly discards from champion stocks in large "dinner plate" sizes. It'll be a surprise party this summer because we won't know the exact colours until they bloom later on. They came from a reliable breeder so should do well, but NOID's available.

Hope everyone is doing okay, it's been quiet lately.


Thumbnail by lycodad
Christchurch, New Zealand

well yesterday was a waste of a lovely day...
I spent the entire day in bed feeling sick & sorry for myself.

It's no wonder I have come down with a sore throat & general aching all over with the amount of stress work has put me under.
They are determined to make me redundant, we are just dancing around the legal requirements so that they can do it without my being able to sue them for any thing.

By this afternoon I had the pain under control & we took Sugar for a good blatt around the dog park as she was getting stir crazy & I figured a nice walk in the sunshine & fresh air would do me some good.

Now home & Sugar is happily curled up on the couch& I managed to do some tidying in the kitchen & found an envelope of poppy seed from earlier this year.
I have sprinkled them in the garden, not sure if they will germinate but there should be other self sown seed to come up else where.

I have lily seeds as well - my hybrid ones and some asiatics.

My hybrid seedlings from last spring graduated to a bigger pot & are outside on the terrace, they seem to be doing ok there.
Be interesting to see what they develop into.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Always interesting!

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

C'mon , lets make Jean proud and keep the thread alive... Me, I've just come away from the emergency ward at a local private hospital.. Holy Guacamole.. groin abscess, flattened me like a pizza base..compare it to the time I tore my fingernail off in a lockwood lock and add a couple of extra digits, the pain was incredible...Delerious on painkillers and sleeping in the loungeroom recliner for 2 days...Will survive to grow more lilies..

Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

I'll send over a sweet brandy or two, Anthony, along with a couple Naproxin tabs. Seems to work for me.. at least I sleep better.

Hope you're feeling well soon.

Oh, Okay, I'll send some flowers too


Thumbnail by lycodad
Christchurch, New Zealand

oh wow - Anthony you really know how to knock yourself around!

Nice flowers Al :)

I am still waiting to hear the next instalment of the ongoing sage of my job being made redundant.
We have been going over the figures that we know for sure & can't see how they concluded that the only option was to reduce staffing levels by putting me on 15 hours per week.
So far they are refusing to give us the full break down of costs so it is very hard to argue my case for a less extreme solution.
Mind you I have had no reply to my last email stating that I wanted our new manger involved in the review process as I have no faith in our former manager to be conducting this process after he made inappropriate remarks to each of the female staff at the shop.
To me he commented that he would like to see me wearing a dress we had told him wasn't selling...
it is a very slinky, revealing evening dress style.
So while I don't think he meant anything by his remark as my boss he should never have made such a comment.
He also commented to my co worker that she should make sure to wear her bikini on a trip to the Hanmer Springs Hot Pools.
As a manager he should be more aware of how dangerous those kinds of comments can be these days.
If he is too silly to protect himself from potential sexual harassment proceedings then he is too silly to be trusted with deciding my future with the company.

This weekend should take my mind off things, we are having a get together with other Auster owners & enthusiasts.
I am looking forward to it & hubby is quite naturally buzzing.


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

The flowers did it Al, thanks..Ive got 'Endone' , not even supposed to drive- I just hope Cocky knows where we are going in the car!...Teresa, the former manager, sounds like a 'sleazebucket'...Bunch 'o' fives would be appropriate...............Feeling a million bucks, today..back from the specialist and all is 'groovy'.. except my wallet which is $400 emptier...

Christchurch, New Zealand

lol - Anthony, glad you are feeling better...
your health is more of a treasure than all the riches in the world - but the rich can buy a better class of health care ;)

my manager is less sleazy more stupid.
He thought he was our 'mate' and now thinks he can play boss when it suits him.
Can't have it both ways.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Hi all,
Jean is back home, her husband is still hospitalised but near to Jean's home....she was a month in Geelong, we got to meet a couple of times and Jean is exactly as you would imagine...
Lovely lady....
Once she gets everything organized, I'm sure that she will be back again

Endone, Anthony be careful you don't get blocked up, lol.......maybe that's why you've gone quiet......the abcess must have been very painful for you...glad to know that you are recovering.

Retail produces more sleazes than other occupations, simply because they have more opportunities.....you soon learn how to handle them...
Hope that weekend was a good one for you Teresa.....

Al I'm sure that your flowers helped Anthony.....those Dahlias sound great...post pics please once they start to flower....

Charleen, Charlie will be looking for tea room crumbs, once Jean is back....
Keep well everyone, Jean's cakes aren't far away.

Christchurch, New Zealand

good week for the shop with the lower temperatures - nothing like a -4C start to the day to have people thinking they need to buy merino.
Still looking for a new job, even if we suddenly started pulling in the money we used to - 12 grand was average - I don't trust management & wouldn't stay if they begged me to.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Sorry, Dianne.. a relapse was not expected, but alas, happened ..Its a killer!

Merino, Australia

Good morning all.
I am just popping in for a quick look as I dash around the house doing last minute things.
I spend each day at the hospital and its dark when I leave in the morning , then dark again when I get home.
I try to squeeze various chores in at night, but nothing much is getting done . I will catch up with all the housework when hubby is finally home.
He is still very weak and only just beginning to walk small steps with help.
He is also managing to eat small meals which will give him more strength.
He is in the rehab ward now and they are very good.
I havent read all the posts , and will write more later when time allows.

My garden survived quite well without me...lol
Maybe I will just ignore the plants all the time and see how they do.
The magpies must have missed us as they were down asking for food as soon as I opened the back door.

Take care everyone and stay safe.
Heres a share of my birthday cake a day early.
Hope Charlie doesnt see it or noone will get any...lol

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Clifton Springs, Australia

So sorry to have to advise the Tea Room family, that Jean may not return for some time as her husband Robert has not recovered from his operation as well as Jean had hoped...
Robert has been transferred to a hospital closer to her home and she is spending most of her day with him....
I'm sure that your thoughts will be with them at this difficult time.....

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia


Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Best wishes, take good care Jean.

Get back to us when you can.


Camperdown, Australia

Hi everyone,I have been missing in action for long time after a bad fall that left me with no hand to type with for a year ( still having physio) and permanent damage to one ankle( hate getting old).Now back to gardening but life has slowed a bit (a lot).LOL
Am still supposed to wear a sling but cannot drive or do a thing with it on so mostly leave it off and just get on with things.
My garden suffered a bit but daughter came over from Perth and helped a lot and son down from Qld a few times to prune and such,much appeciated.
Good to see familiar names still here and gardening away.

Jean sorry to hear of your hubby's travails , I hope this year ends better for you than it began.

Christchurch, New Zealand

no job interviews today so decided to tackle the herb garden...
pulled out a big clump of Pineapple Sage & tried to clear out another but the roots are too deep.
It is looking tidier now all the sprawling growth has been pulled away & dumped in the green bin.
Weeded the now exposed soil & moved my potted plants around a bit.
Moved the strawberry plant out of the top of the pop up planter.
The cat has made that her favourite sleeping place so figured I might as well save the plant from further crushing.

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Hello everyone!
Just popped in to say "Hi" to everyone.
Been very busy since I became a great-grandma twice... earlier in the year.

I have some spare Celosia (Green Cockscomb) seeds that I imported from USA to exchange for perennial flower seeds that grow in semi shade. If anyone is interested.

Must go and see how the Gold Coast Suns are doing against the Geelong Cats.


Thumbnail by Marleneann
Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi Marlene - Great Granny - wow congratulations :)

Adelaide, Australia

Hi all, sounds like everyone having a lot of issues except Marleneann :) Congrats granny.

I hope everyone elses situations improve.

Ive been having dramas like the rest of here.. hospitals! My health keeps getting worst and Im now to the point in which Im collapsing and having to be ambulanced to hospital for a drip twice a month (the hospital my doctor dont know what to do about me, there is no specialists in my state for my condition). So everything else in my life is on on hold on the side. My backyard still is thigh deep in grass and my front yard is so shocking I cant have visitors to my house.

My pond area on one side is looking good thou (that's the only part Im keeping up with). Someone was digging up their veg patch and gave me some big strawberries plants and some cuttings of some herbs to root this week, fingers crossed those cuttings will do well.

I have on the other side of my house, got a tractor tyre ready in (I had to get a lot more compost) which my herbs usually get planted in but I ended up putting various veg seeds in it (onions.. I forget what else), seeing the yard is too much of a mess to be able to put them anywhere else. Most of the seeds I had were 5 years past the expiration dates so who knows if how many plants will grow from them, I had one brocollini come up. I guess I will have to wait and see. (its good to finally plant them!).

I had 3 out of 10 of the rare strawberry seeds I brought grow and this morning noticed my dwarf date palm seeds which I thought had rotted on me after several months.. one this morning has a root or shoot coming out of it. Im so excited about that! (haha funny how excited one can get to see a shoot on a seed).

I just tried to attach a photo of my pond area but it wont attach cause of my computer

Christchurch, New Zealand

Tania - it sounds like you are having a rough time of it!

Got to love the generosity of gardeners who share their plants.
Hopefully your herbs & vegies will do well for you.
Take care of yourself!

Sydney NSW, Australia

Hi everyone

A quick look around.

Stay well & warm.

No redeeming features about getting olde!!

Take very good care of yourselves. Trust that Jean's hubby will continue to improve. Good luck re job seeking.
Not posting often due to ill health and husband has 1st signs of dementia...result of that: he's in denial. Angry and hard to cope with daily...Sleeps now from 6pm. ; wakens to eat dinner; sleeps 'til 10p.m.; goes to bed and sleep 'till 8a.m. Won't wear hearing aids so his cognition is waning, as well as no conversation....whinge, whinge, whinge.

*Garden looks sad...building next door so lots of dust and concrete dust. 38 lillypilly became sick...scale & mealy bug...treated them and the soil which was degraded by that dust. Wrote to Manager who will NOT replace those that died. Also lost all ground cover.....oooops.....maybe I should go now.**Any advice regarding helping soil would be much appreciated***
keep smiling
Anna .

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Sorry , Anna- life throws us many hurdles!

Sydney NSW, Australia

End of June
Only 145 days to Xmas!!!
Love to all
Anna xoxoxox

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Anna , start pouring in heaps of 'Powerfeed' ,.,,. recoup some feed!

West of Brisbane, Australia

Just stopping by to ask Anthony if he's been to Triabunna? Because it's been in the news lately, as either the most bogan of bogan cities but with the potential to be Tasmania's own Riviera. The marina certainly looked pretty, from what I saw of it. And the French mayor made me chuckle aloud :-)

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Ive Been to Triabunna ,Ces.,,Certainly some rednecks there.. Logs/Logtrucks/ Seafood thrived at this town in bygone years. Its about a 50 min drive from here and I often deliver construction steel up there. Very deep bay. Bertrand Geddahrt [Mayor] is certainly different .. He drove a 'Mad Max' Camaro , In Targa Tas..The town has a lot of potential , in the right hands!

West of Brisbane, Australia

Well, the mayor has certainly put this little town on the map. (How on earth did a flamboyant Frenchman end up there ... and become mayor to boot?? Perhaps everyone wants to be a councillor and nobody wants to be the mayor!)
Who knows, Tassie already has MONA ... why not the Tasmanian Riviera!

Christchurch, New Zealand

I like the sound of that, the Tasmanian Riviera...
one day I'd love to explore Tassie, it looks like such a beautiful place.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Teresa, as each year goes bye, Tassie gets harder to see, because they 'gate it up' -'block it off' or charge to see it..Id love to go back to the 80's .... Maybe I need a 'flux capacitor' ?

Merino, Australia

Hello everyone.
Just popped in to say I will still be off here for quite a while.
My dear hubby passed away yesterday so I am going to take a lot of time to myself.
We were very close and I do miss him so much. He is at peace after such a long and painful time.
At least I have the garden to remind me of how much he enjoyed walking around and admiring all the plants. How he loved sitting watching me talk to my plants...lol
All the best to you all.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

My condolences Jean. You and Robert have been in my thoughts and prayers'

with deepest sympathy, Moon/Jean

Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Our sincere sympathy, Jean. Please take time to get better, and come back to us when you can.


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