peat pots?

Paddock Lake, WI

I've started my tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers etc in a heat tray, and transferred them to peat pots when they got too big. Now they are hardening off outside in a mini plastic greenhouse, and I should be able to plant them in a week. Do I put the peat pot right in the ground, or take them out of the pot? I guess the question is, will the roots grow right through the peat pot? (For the future, is there a better way to do this?)

Plantersville, TX(Zone 9a)

I usually cut the bottoms off, & then plant into the ground. These peat pots don't always dissapate for me.

South Florida, FL(Zone 10b)

How I usually do it is soak the peat pots in a shallow tray of water while you are preparing the planting hole(s). When the plant is ready to go in the hole, the bottow of the pot (and how ever much of the sides you want to remove) can be torn off easily. Just be careful of the roots and make sure all the seed starting mix in the pot doesn't crumble on you (which it shouldn't, because being wet helps with that also).

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