Pitcher plants

Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)

About 4 years ago, I happened to see a tiny pitcher plant for sale at Walmart. Decided to buy it more out of curiosity than any real hope of ever growing it.

I had no idea how to grow it so just stuck in a pot on the edge of my fish pond. Surprisingly it grew and put up pitchers each year since. Tried repotting and thought I had killed it 2 winters ago. Nope, it survived my crude surgery.

3 years ago bought a yellow pitcher plant from a vendor at flower show. Same crude treatment that it amazingly survived.

This past winter was brutal temperature wise. Both plants simply sat in their pots on the edge of the pool. Figured they would be killed.

Here are the 2 plants this spring. Never have they been so beautiful.

Thumbnail by gessieviolet Thumbnail by gessieviolet Thumbnail by gessieviolet
Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

VERY nice! Mine are just waking up and throwing up flower stalks and pitchers.

Arlington, TX

I am surprised they are thriving on nutrient and possibly mineral rich pond water but they look great.

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