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CLOSED: Blackbird or What?

Aurora, CO(Zone 4a)

We have dozens of these birds in our back yard. My husband calls them Grackles or Blackbirds. Most of them have a yellow bill, and are entirely black, but a few of them look like this guy. He joined this highly offended robin at the birdbath, and I only have the one photo. What is he please?

Thumbnail by wingwoman
(Zone 5a)

This bird is a Common Grackle. The birds with yellow bills might be European Starlings, but that bird has speckles. Here's a link to see if that is the bird.

Yes, the Robin could be offended. The Grackles here will harass Robins to take over the tree for nesting.

Aurora, CO(Zone 4a)

Not our Robins. They stand up well for themselves, and pretty much hang out with their own species. Thanks for the clarification on Grackles. They are strikingly different and quite beautiful.

(Zone 5a)

Our Robins tend to get feisty, but it doesn't seem to happen until the eggs have hatched. That's when they do a great job keeping the Grackles at bay, but we've seen abandoned nests prior to that and the Grackles moving in.

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