Moss problem

Deer Isle, ME

Around our house is a 2' expanse of rocks. In one area moss is starting to grow on the rocks and spill over into a row of ferns that I have planted (and that are generally happy). Is there anything (natural preferable) that I can put on that will kill the moss but not the ferns?
Thanks so much for answering.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

It will be difficult to keep Moss at bay IF the area is shaded, damp or under an overhang say from the house where SUN cant reach for long periods.

There are several moss killers on the market but like you, I really don't like using any type of killer UNLESS I had tried and tested everything else.

I have a rockery over 100 years old found it about 30 odd years ago and uncovered it, re-planted areas and cleared all the moss that had taken over, away the big old stones looked beautiful, all the groves, creases and holes, BUT the plants looked so un-natural, anyway decided to paint the stones with NATURAL Yogurt and after about a year, the moss was back looking much more at home and better to look at than looking at lumps of store as nice as the stone was.

The safest way to remove the moss IF it's Not the whole way around the house is to blast it away with a power hose, that should help.
Some say SALT sprinkled on the moss kills it, Others say Vinegar,
I feel sure others may come in and have other ideas, hope so.
Good luck.
Best Regards.

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

Is there a reason you don't want moss under your ferns?

Murphysboro, IL(Zone 6b)

I would advise leaving the moss alone. Mosses tends to encroach into acid soil, so one possible thing that might discourage them would be to apply lime to the area. It probably would not kill them completely, but might make them grow less vigorously. This may or may not be advisable for the other plants you have in the area.

Rancho Santa Rita, TX(Zone 8a)

Wish we had moss here.

Do you fotos to share ?

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