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Wheezing hen

Bridgewater, ME

I have a cochin hen that is wheezing,she was doing that a couple weeks ago so I treated the whole flock with duramycin-10 in the water for 7 days.She was fine then tonight I heard her wheezing again.I am going to separate her from the rest of the flock,what else can I give her.She is eating and drinking,her comb is red but she does look a little thin.

Richmond, TX

Does she open her mouth to breath?

Bridgewater, ME

sometimes,I have her separated and giving her duramycine-10,she is better but will keep her on it for 14 days,thinking 7 days was not enough before.She hates being in a cage,shes not going to have any beak or toenails left by the time this done

Ferndale, WA

Donna I was just reading your post, goodness I can't believe how fast I have forgotten so much. As I was reading I thought hey what did I do for my birds when the were wheezing like that...I just could not remember until you mentioned the duramyacine. Wow I still have many fond memories of my birds but must admit I'm pretty much useless as how to care for them anymore. I hope she recovers this time fully...I think your smart though for prolonging her treatment...Good luck my friend...Hay

Bridgewater, ME

Yes that did cure her.I don't have the cochins anymore, I sold all of them this summer,I know only have silkies and showgirls,Oh and one little frizzled cochin hen,she has a limp and didn't want her to go with the others,she has always been in with the silkies,I was trying for a sizzle but so far I have none

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