Agastache cana?

Arlington, TX

I have read that this plant is native to TX but it won't grow in my area at all. Any advice on what it might want?

Lititz, PA(Zone 6b)

Not sure why you're not having luck with it. They are xeric plants and require only 10-20" of water with full sun. How are you planting it? You probably don't want to amend the soil at all unless you have clay soil then you should amend with sand and pea gravel. Would you be able to explain your growing techniques a little?

Arlington, TX

Full sun in a raised bed with average soil. I have not had luck with any agastache and I think its the extreme temps here along with lack of cooling at night that does them in.

Lititz, PA(Zone 6b)

How much water is it getting? If it's native to TX then it shouldn't have any problems growing in your location.

Candor, NC

Texas is a pretty big state, and covers quite a few USDA zones, not to mention weather patterns, soil types, and altitudes. Eastern Texas is more like the rest of the subtropical USA.

Agastache cana is from higher elevations in western Texas, and is used to arid conditions, which means that its nights are colder, even in summers. That's why they can do well in New England. They really thrive along the Front Range in Colorado and hills along the Pacific Coast.

Arlington, TX

I havent had any species or hybrids survive long term here and trust me I grow 100's of different plants. I figured out a long time ago it was mostly related to high nite time temps.

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