Juvenile duck have wrenched leg, how to restore it?

Vilnius, Lithuania

I'm new here and I have a little problem: a juvenile duck have wrenched leg and I don't what to do, duck can't walk normaly and I'm thinking maybe there is a way to restore the leg?
Here is photo, the problem with right leg: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ymmoise6jvygzjw/WP_20140525_09_55_01_Smart.jpg
It was hard to capture it on photo so I'm holding him.
Sorry for my english, I'm not from America. :(

Richmond, TX

Hmmm, it looks like the problem is in the hip? Or is it the joint just above the foot? Can you feel the bones to see where it is broken/dislocated?

Vilnius, Lithuania

Yes, I think so too - it's probably problem in hip. I tried pull his leg with small force to restore but no juice. He will live, but will not as fast as others ducks and he can't keep up with them with all running around. Anyway, thanks for help! But if somebody have something to add - you are welcome.

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