Grower Needs 1500lbs of K-Mag/Sul-Po-Mag &1500lbs Bone Char

North Troy, VT

Hello Everyone,

We are developing a 2 acre PYO Blueberry Orchard and just received our soil test results. We need to identify a wholesaler who can source to us 1500 lbs (for 2 acres) of K-Mag or Sul-Po-Mag and 1400 lbs of Bone Char or Bone Meal. We also need 2,000 lbs Elemental Sulfur.
Local and online retailers are not cost effective. Please advise if you know of any wholesalers who carry these fertilizers/sulfur. We are located in Vermont. Thank You!

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

With those weights, you want to stay local. Otherwise, you lose any savings per pound on shipping per pound. You are buying enough that you should be able to use a agricultural wholesaler instead of a gardening retailer.

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