Why haven't we opened our own garden center?

Tempe, AZ(Zone 9b)

Seriously. Why haven't we pooled our money and done it?


Casa Grande, AZ

I don't know? Good idea though. There's only 1 out here in Casa Grande and while it's o.k. it isn't anything to write home about and I find the plants rather over priced. I notice all the nurseries are already out there in Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix and Scottsdale. Great areas but there are so many people out here in the Casa Grande and surrounding areas that do have the time, money, yard space and energy to devote to their plants and gardening and WANT a great place to shop.
I've spoken to a few neighbors that are frustrated due to the fact that there's no place or we have to drive far to get great plants. Also there's no place REASONABLE (not charging $65.00 for a ridiculously small Agave, etc.) Family in Ohio won't catalog order live plants and pay for shipping, handling and deal with the risk of a live plant dying. I won't either. This was my experience 2 times and I was very unhappy with that. Everyone goes to Wal-Mart (ahem..guilty), or to the Home Depot or Lowes or even the grocery stores.
Some of the neighbors trade pups and offsets and clippings from each other. A few admitted to "scavenger hunting" in empty lots, long closed derelict buildings with abandoned landscaping, or going out foraging in the desert and sides of roads. That's kind of how I got the idea about being a "foster mommy" to all the babies of my neighbor's dying century plant and then in the Spring planting them in the desert.
We really need something good out here!

Gilbert, AZ

Good idea to get trades going, Agavegirl!

Casa Grande, AZ

Glad you like it Christa.
Maybe everyone can take photos of what they have, post them and we can "meet in the middle" for lunch and do our swap?
Open to suggestions. Do you or others have ideas or ways to organize?

Casa Grande, AZ

Is there anyone in there. Just type if you can hear me...
Is there anyone at all?

*Paraphrased Pink Floyd

Gilbert, AZ

Haha. Yuh, this group, after being so active for many years has really slowed down. We used to meet in the spring and the fall for a swap. No more. Sigh. You can find several of the folks over on the cactus and succulent forum here at Dave's. Wish we could get more people reading/responding on this forum again!

Casa Grande, AZ

Well, let's get going again gang! No reason we have to limit ourselves; especially since we're here locally. What's our excuse?
O.K. what's our real excuse?

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

A lot of people stopped subscribing for different reasons and since Dave opened another forum some of them went there. It did not look like it was the success that DG once was and now they are 'conversing' on Facebook.
This place used to be so lively and we used to be so active. I believe that has a lot to do with the economy since many people had to make cuts , some of people moved and got busy doing something else or just plain busy.
I love this place and I would like to keep it going. I will try to be more active and I hope some of the 'old timers' like will join the new members and start to have some fun again.


Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

I'm with you on that Rodica. I really miss the group we had. I see Detrick on Facebook with his plumeria.

I just got back from a week in Newport Beach, CA. Went to Roger's Garden. Oh my, what beautiful plants they had. I did not buy anything because of current heat wave in our area.

Photo is a plumeria I have had for over 5 years Large branch got broke last year by a gardener. When I got back from Newport, I looked it over and it has 4 different inflos so will be blooming soon. I leaned from Phoenix Plumeria on Facebook that plumeria do not branch out until they bloom. So maybe by mid year next year it will begin looking like a tree and not a stick with leaves. I also am posting the delonix tree that is 3 years old. Detrick gave me the seeds. I have two trees. They and the plumeria spent the winter in the garage.

The red castor bean is on it's 3rd year. Freezes down every year but comes back and is built like a tree.

Thumbnail by WormsLovSharon Thumbnail by WormsLovSharon Thumbnail by WormsLovSharon
Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

Hi Sharon.

We have not talked in a while. I am glad that you stuck around like me.
I love all three plants. They look healthy and doing well. Your garden is always beautiful.
Mine is holding its breath and hops it will still be alive when the cooling weather finally comes back.On top of everything I had surgery on my right hand and I can not attend to it the way it needs to be. My Prunator is a dear man , but as its name suggest he is not a water guru more of the now you see them now you do see the plants gardener. He does not discriminate when he waters even though , before I went to Europe In June, I gave him a detailed tour of the garden with instructions what to water more and what less. I think he got the list mixed up.
I have three plumerias and though they are treelike they did not bloom this year.
Maybe the next.

Gilbert, AZ

Hey Rodica and Sharon, good to see you here. I too miss the "good ol days" on this forum. Between helping to care for my parents and a sick dog I don't get on here as much as I used to, and my backyard has sadly gone on auto pilot for the most part. My plummies got loaded up with spider mites this summer and defoliated before I got a handle on them. All three are branched and at this point developing leaves like it's spring instead of fall. Ugh.

Maricopa, AZ(Zone 9a)

Posting in this old thread to update locals (Phoenix, AZ area) that a wonderful nursery is open just south of Maricopa, AZ. It's called Leaf and Feather, and it's open 7-1 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. They not only have wonderful plants suitable for our climate, they also have dozens of exotic birds that you can see while walking around and looking at plants for sale. Their customer service is excellent, and their guarantee is 30 days (but you MUST water!).

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