It is June let's see the daylilies and everything else !

Ripley, MS

New thread for June
The plant pictured is web of intrigue

Edited to say, this is not web of intrigue, will correct later when I find out who is the real web of intrigue

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Think it is Artistic Web

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Really pretty one!

Ripley, MS

It had been rained on before I got the picture,
Had this one blooming today, but haven't gotten my map out to see who it is, the tag was gone

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Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Thanks Sandra for the new thread!!! That is a nice d/l. My Hall's Pink has been blooming too. LOL!!!

(karen) Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Charlotte I think I have dropped the ball here - was I supposed to let you know when I could pick up the bee balm or were you going to let me know when it was ready. SORRY!! It has been kinda crazy. Just let me know:)

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Karen I have a pot I have planted up for you. I can just sit it in my front yard by the decorative pot (big pot turned on its side) and you can pick them up when ever it fits in your schedule.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

That Web of Intrigue is really pretty. I have several DLs blooming..... they are really taking off! I have several tomatoes on my plants, but my peppers are just blooming. I have a couple of tomatoes that are approaching baseball size - so I am getting anxious! I am sure ready for some fresh tomato!!

Jeri, I am so sorry to hear the news about Mary! I hate that she is having to go thru this again - especially so far away from her very best caregiver!! But, I will definitely be praying for her. Seems to be so much illness and cancer ........... :(

Sandra, not liking meat should be a good thing........ when Jess and I were going to that trainer (who ended up leaving town unannounced) our first two weeks we were not to have any meat! Veggies and fruits ONLY...... and no potatoes. After the first week we could have sweet potatoes but no irish potatoes. I have such a limited knowledge of veggies and not to mention very limited access locally to veggie variety that I really struggled with it. I love veggies - just grew up eating a very limited selection .... corn, peas, dried pinto beans, green beans, butter beans, turnip greens..... that was about the extent of it. Since then I have learned that I love zuchini, and I can tolerate squash in some things, and I can eat broccoli in some things or steamed. But, I still need to learn how to prepare other veggies. I love meat - especially red meat - steak, roast, hamburger.... :( I can eat chicken and I eat quite a bit of grilled or baked chicken....but I get tired of it all the time. I like some fish - fried catfish of course which isn't good for you, and grilled trout. But, I have never attempted grilling the trout myself. I need to see if I can locate some and try that. But, then Jessica doesn't eat fish - so I would have to fix something different for her. I just came from my health screening and according to their scales, I have lost 10 lbs since right before I left on my cruise. Sounds great, but I am not sure I have lost that much. I have been trying - but that doesn't necessarily yield results. :(

Charlotte, your temps must have been a lot cooler than has been in the 80s here at least every day! :( Today the sun is out bright so it will probably be a lot warmer. Today is the first day we have had bright sunshine with no clouds in several days..........

Hope everyone has a great day!


Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Genna, will be praying for Amy. And Jeri, am so sorry to hear about Mary's cancer returning. I know you will be worried sick about her. I hope she will get good care where she is now. Pennsylvania, is that right? Let us know when you both hear something.

I have some great, uplifting news. My niece's best friend and her DH, who moved to Huntsville shortly after my niece, had their twins yesterday! Boy and girl, Jude and Julianne, born via c-section. She was able to carry them to 35 weeks (the 'planned' date for delivery), which is so amazing! Jude weight 6.7 lbs, 18.5 inches and Julianne is 5.2 lbs, 19.5 inches. Both parents have twins in their families; she has sisters who are twins and I can't remember about Michael's side so they were not surprised. She had contractions about 3 weeks ago and was on bed rest and medication to slow her down and get the babies a little bigger. It worked! So happy for them and the babies are so cute and healthy-looking. She posted on FB yesterday that all is well. They are still in the NICU but I'm sure that is normal.

Sandra, thanks for starting the new thread. I can't think of anyone better than you to start a new thread about DL's, lol!

Genna, try drinking more water during the day and no sodas/less caffeine (if you drink them). I know that is hard for some people to do, but leg cramps can be a sign of dehydration as well as over-use. For people exercising, the rule-of-thumb is that we should drink half our body weight in ounces per day. In other words if you weigh 100 lbs you should drink 50 oz of water. Sounds like a lot but it really isn't. I gave up colas and all carbonated drinks in the mid-80's. You wouldn't believe what they are finding out about what carbonated drinks do to your digestive system and especially your kidneys. OK, off my soapbox.

Charlotte, that banana pudding looks scrumptious!! I have a friend who makes totally sugar-free banana puddings for her DH, who is type-2 diabetic. She said he loves them and she can find all the ingredients now sugar-free (vanilla wafers, pudding mix, cool whip instead of meringue).

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I've thought about trying to make the banana pudding with splenda but not sure it would thicken the way it's supposed to. I don't make it often. Just one of my binges now and then! But I don't like the pudding mixes so it has to be from scratch and it has to have meringue. Otherwise I eat fairly healthy. I love all vegetables. Could eat salads every day. My favorite meal is a piece of grilled salmon and some steamed/grilled vegetables that have been seasoned good. I really like grilled chicken. There is a local burger place we go to fairly often and I usually get a grilled chicken burger rather than the beef one. I also like stir fry with chicken and whatever vegetables I happen to have. I told my grandson how to make it and he makes it a lot now too.

Elaine I totally agree about the sodas. I stopped drinking them years ago also.

Good news on the twins! Kristi was able to carry Justin and Clint full term also but like your niece had to be on bed rest for about the last month. They weighed the very same when they were born( 6 lbs and some ounces) and still weigh the same! I think they may have been something like a 1/2 ounce difference in their weight at birth. Amazing. Also were the same length. They are identical twins.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Great news on those twins Elaine! I know they will have lots of excitement at their house when they come home. Bet it won't be too long either because those sound like really good weights for twins!

I don't drink soft drinks....quit about 5 years ago I think. Alex got exposed to a lot of info on the carbonization and the carbonic acid that it forms in the body and all the possible problems with it. I was having leg pains really bad at night and muscle type aches early in the day..... I decided to quit softdrinks and see if it helped and it took several months but the problem went away. I have my coffee in the morning and water the rest of the day. Only have a rootbeer float or something like that once or twice a year. But, I have been drinking water like crazy, taking potassium, magnesium and calcium, and drinking OJ and even gatorade - but Alex told me NOT to drink the gatorade last night because he says they have changed it up and it is mostly high fructose corn syrup and not so many electrolites. I have eaten bananas - even though they are not my favorite....i seem to find myself eating them a lot in the middle of the night to stop the cramping. I have tried to up my water intake a lot - I know I got dehydrated working out in the yard but I have drank so much water the past two weeks you would think I would be back to normal levels by now! Last night seemed to be a little better so hopefully I am getting there.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Congrats Elaine to that new family!!! I just love those names too!!!

I love that banana pudding also, Charlotte!!! I don't do the topping either, just the vanilla wafers.

I know, I'm worried about Mary, I think this is the 4th time the cancer has come back and the mass has doubled in size. We thought it was gone. I would think in Pa. they would be very competent Drs. She is going to the UPMC Cancer Center and the entire hospital is for cancer patients. All different types and the best part is it's not far from her niece's house.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Well I'm so proud I have a chore I've been dreading behind me!! I took a shower and shampooed my hair this morning and got dressed and went outside to just pick up a few thing while my hair dried. At 2:20 I finally came in soaking wet from sweat and am getting ready to take another shower and wash my hair again! But I got all my work area in the back cleaned up! I was concerned about mosquitoes and wanted to make sure I had everything picked up that might hold water. Emptied pots with dirt. Racked all the leaves off the bricks. Filled up two trash barrels and two big plastic bags! The whole area behind the workshop is laid with antique bricks I got from walkways at house that was going to be torn down and you couldn't even see them. Still need to sweep good and a few other things but the heat was getting to and making me feel nauseous. Actually probably too much banana pudding!!! LOL

Ripley, MS

I think it was the heat, I just came inside myself went out at 10:30 and boy it has been very humid, I finished cleaning out a bed I started yesterday and then started mowing". Just gave up and came inside to finish up supper.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Jeri, its awesome that they have a cancer hospital close to her. Praying they can knock it out for good since they are cancer specialists so to speak........ Not having to travel very far is good for Mary too because I'm sure the travel only makes the pain worse. Do you know when she is to start the new treatment?

Charlotte, sounds like you have been very busy! It is pretty hot here today. Clouded up for just a little while about an hour ago like it was going to rain - but now the sun is out blazing hot again.

Mosquitos and flies are HORRIBLE at our house this year. The flies are worse than I have ever seen them! They eat on me more working outside than mosquitos do............. :( Plus, they get in the house, etc. I have got to get up some of those nasty sticky strips or something - the population is totally out of hand!!

What's for supper Sandra? I don't have a clue what we are having.........

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

After taking a short break I went back outside and finished picking up some stuff and then put out some Sevin granules for lawn and garden that supposed to kill fleas, ticks, grubworm, ants and spiders. So far I haven't found any fleas on the dogs which is a surprise. But ticks are supposed to be really bad this year. I've found a couple on myself and one on Charlie right above his eye. I found all of them before they had time to dig in. After I came in the second time I finally looked in the mirror and discovered a red stain all around the top of my tee shirt and something stuck all over my chest. I was picking some stuff up the first time I was out and didn't realize I was right under a big metal birdhouse on a metal stand. I whopped the back of head right into a pointy point. I finally figured out it had actually broken the skin on my head and I was bleeding and with my hair wet and sweaty it ran all over my neck on to my shirt. A bloody mess! That was probably why I started feeling nauseous. I happened not long before I came in. But I'm fine now.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Elaine great news
Genna remembering Amy
Jeri this upsets me so much about Mary. I have alwAys loved being around her on our sleepovers, Trips and RUs I will continue to lift her up to The Lord . If there is any thing we can do on this end count on me.

I had a busy but productive day today and my butt is dragging . When I had my back surgery years ago they found a small stomach Aorta aneurism . I had an ultrasound on it today to make sure it is not growing. This is what my brother died of a year ago ( today he would have been sixty) mine has not grown any in 5 years . YaY. I had a mammogram all clear. Bone density don't know that yet. Shopped for some fat clothes bummed!! Definitely going on some type of diet I am up about 25 lbs since I saw y'all last and am miserable. Totally wiped out from trying to shop. I would rather work on furniture or in my yard any day.

I think my day lilies are peaking have blooms everywhere. No rain today .

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Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Well Charlotte I'm glad you are Ok

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Me, too, Charlotte! Be careful!

thanks for the new thread, Sandra. :D
I said on the other thread how sorry I am that Mary's cancer has returned. Prayers for her and for Amy, Genna's friend.

I totally agree about the water drinking and the NO CARBONATED DRINKS!!. I have been trying to convince Kathy Ann for several years that she should swear off soft drinks. My daughter has been teaching these things for years to her health and wellness clients. Also, if you want to lose weight, one of the best ways to do it is not to eat protein and carbs at the same time. Eat protein and veggies or carbs and veggies together but not protein and carbs. It has something to do with how the body digests food and it is hard for the body to handle carbs and protein at the same time. If you don't believe it, just try a little experiment. You know how it is the custom to eat a steak, baked potato or fries and a salad together? Well, leave off the baked potato or fries and see how much better you will feel. (no bread with that meal, either). You may be surprised at how much better you feel afterwards--you won't have that stuffed, overly-full feeling. If you want a baked potato, eat it without any kind of meat and have steamed veggies with it, instead. You can get your protein at another meal.

I love all the daylily photos. I only have about 4 and none of them have bloomed yet. I got them from you DG girls at one of the RU's in Sept. 2012, I think.

Summer has arrived here. It has been very humid and the temp made it up to 90F today. The ticks are out in full force, too, unfortunately. I have Laddy on Revolution and Nexgard. He was on Trifexis but I had a terrible time getting him to swallow that huge pill. I cut it up in small pieces and disguised it in ham or cheese. He would eat the ham or cheese and spit out the Trifexis pieces so the vet switched him to Nexgard.

I have a huge hollyhock that is loaded with buds. Some of them are opening and it is going to be gorgeous! The buds to the center of the stalk opened first. Here are a few photos I took yesterday:

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Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Marilyn, that hollyhock is gorgeous! I am quite sure Sandra and I can fix you up with some DL divisions at our next RU. Just let us know.

Charlotte, you worked hard! I know exactly how it is and I'm pretty sure everybody else does too. Once you get started some days it is just hard to quit.

Here are some of my first DLs.

I need to double check some of the ID's but they are 1. Gordon Biggs, 2. Bama Bound, 3. Strawberry Fields, 4. Driving Me Wild, 5. bubbling Edge.

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Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

More of just other blooming things around the yard. Charlotte, the frilly pink echinacea is for you. Can't remember the name offhand.

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Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Gorgeous blooms, Elaine! Is that a magnolia I see in the second series? I love the hybrid coneflowers but I don't have any anymore. I had some when I lived in Cabot but I read somewhere, probably on DG, that after about three years they either revert or they die so I haven't spent the money on them. I have the one you gave me--Rubinstern, I think is the name of it and it is beginning to bloom now. Thanks for the offer for daylilies but I really don't have any place to put them. I think if I told Al that I needed another flowerbed, that he would faint!! LOL

We just had a front porch added to our house and I will have to put plants in front of it but that will be my only new flower bed. I am going to keep it simple, though--probably put in some small simple shrubs such as nandina or boxwood and call it done--just some plants that will hide the concrete foundation of the porch. I like nandinas because the leaves turn red in the fall but I will need a miniature variety, if there is one. I haven't done any research on them yet.

I discovered today that my oak leaf hydrangea is blooming. I haven't been over to that side of the house the last few days because of the construction but when I peeked over the porch railing on that side, I was delighted to see some blooms!
When we get the construction trash cleaned up, the siding washed and get some new porch furniture, I will post some photos of the porch. It really changed the look of our house and we are very pleased with it.

Thumbnail by marsue
Ripley, MS

Congrats on the new front porch, I know you will enjoy it.
Cindy, do you know the name of the first daylily from the left ?
I still only have fat buds ! I did have a NOID bloom today

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Elaine my frilly pink looked very similar to that to begin with. I've had it for several years. It bloomed true the second year and then it started going down hill to what I showed you. My white and red haven't bloomed yet so not sure how they are going to do this year.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Marilyn there is a miniature of nandina. It is very short. I know you are glad to get your porch finished. What you said about the coneflowers I have found to be very true. All my fancy hybrids have reverted and they are not as pretty now as just a regular old coneflower! No more fancy hybrids for me either.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Sandra that is Honky Tonk Blues I can probably get you a start off it if you don't have it,

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Gorgeous pictures everyone!!

Cindy, I agree wholeheartedly - nothing exhausts me more than looking for clothes!! Your blooms are beautiful! Meant to tell you that Jess liked that table - but we don't think there will be room for it in their tiny apartment. :( and I am storing all I can store at the moment.....

Marilyn, the mini nandinas that I have are about 16" tall.....maybe 18. But then I discovered a few days ago that two of the "minis" that I planted last year are NOT minis! One has shot up and is probably 3' or taller...... the other one is over 2'. :( So, those will need to be dug up and replaced. I can't think of the variety I have but they turn a really pretty red in the fall as well.

Elaine, I noticed several days ago that my Bama Bound that you gave me at Jim's is getting close to blooming! I wasn't sure what it looked like - but I love your bloom! The color of that Gordon Biggs looks nice too. But, then really they are ALL beautiful and that is why we keep getting more! LOL I absolutely love your Japanese maple! Is it out in full sun?

Marilyn, that hollyhock is gorgeous! I have never tried growing those. I have some DLs that I would be happy to share if you just "have" to have another bed! :)

They are calling for heat indexes of 97+ today.................. I REALLY am not ready for temps that feel like 100.......... :(

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Marilyn, I have several dwarf 'Moon Bay' nandina and love them. We re-did our front landscaping a couple of years ago and so far so good. They grow very low. There is also 'Harbor Dwarf' which grows a little taller but I think Moon Bay would be great in front of some darker evergreen shrubs like Encore azaleas or dwarf boxwoods or something like that.
Yes, that is a magnolia bloom. I had a lot of blooms on our tree this year. There were 3 beautiful blooms together but I didn't get a photo before we had rain and it turned them brown. I know you are so excited about your new front porch. Can't wait to see it!

Genna, I think I gave you Bama Belle not Bama Bound but not sure. Bama Belle is more pink. I messed up on the DL IDs above. From L-R they should be 1. Gordon Biggs, 2. Driving me Wild; 3. Bama Bound, 4. 42nd Street (similar to Strawberry Fields), 5. Bubbling Edge. I need to make new tags! The guys who worked in our beds destroyed a lot of my tags and I'm having to re-do. Fortunately I have a list of what I have but I can't always remember what each one is.

Yes, that is a JM and it is the one we moved from the front to the back when we re-landscaped. I love it in it's new home and it provides the perfect shade for some of the ferns and pots.

Ripley, MS

Cindy, I don't have that one, I love the way the eye pattern looks.

I just got up and looked out, have a few blooming today if I survive the rest of the mowing I might have some new ones to show.
I am not sure if I showed this daylily last year or not, it is Frisky Cissy, the rose is one of my Mammas I brought up here, I couldn't find a tag for the Japanese iris, but I am so happy to have a nice bloom. I moved all of these last year and they are liking the new home.

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Elaine moving that Japanese Maple had to have been quite a chore! It has a really big trunk as well as canopy span. I'm sure some heavy equipment was involved! I have a sweet bay maagnolia I really like. Don't think I've ever thought to show pictures of it or the blooms. It has a small magnolia bloom and the tree is tall and upright. I think mine is as tall as it will get. It's probably about 25 ft. and not very big around (more columnar) I put it where we had to take down a large oak tree. The oak was too close to the house and too big. Not the reason we took it down - it died! I wanted an ornamental tree in the spot. The lady at Pine Tree recommended this one to me and I've been very pleased with it. I have the magnolia look in a small space.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Those are all pretty blooms Sandra. Do like the daylily. Your rose has a really nice shape to the flowers.

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Thanks for the suggestions on the nandinas. I am going to check those out. I do not want a wide bed from front to back--just something in front of the concrete slab foundation to hide it. I'll probably just put in a row of the nandinas and then put in some impatiens every spring for color during the summer.

I love all the daylily photos and the names that are given them. There must surely be one person who does nothing but think up names for all the day lilies in the world! LOL

Sandra, I know you are glad to have your Mamma's rose. There are two Gunny's roses that made it through the winter for me and they are both little but still alive and growing. I hope they get big enough to bloom this season but I may have to wait until next year.

Genna, I am sure I will have plenty of hollyhock seeds to share so if you want some, I will be glad to save some for you--or for any of you other ladies. I have a black hollyhock which I just planted this spring so it might not bloom this season but I am really eager to see what the blooms look like. I might have to wait till next year for that one, too.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Not sure if they will grow here Marilyn, but I am willing to try a few seeds and see what happens.............

Elaine - thanks for clearing that up! LOL I was wondering why "bama" was makes more sense! :) Thinking about it I think it is Bama Belle....... I haven't made it a permanent Aluminum tag yet, so all I see when I walk by is "bama" on the part of the tag that is sticking out of the ground! I have buds on my Arkansas Magic and Arkansas Post - this will be the first time for me to see them bloom. I think they are both much older hybrids, but I just wanted them because of the name.

Jessica fell in love with peonies in England so I am planning to add a few to my beds in the fall. I was shocked when I looked at the retail prices.......... makes DLs look cheap! Or at least the DLs I buy! :)

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Day lilies will be exploding soon but just a few a day open now. The second picture is a new variety of phlox I found this year. I think I'm going to really like it. The flowers are much larger than the old phlox. The third picture is my Sweet Bay Magnolia. It makes my whole front yard smell good. You can smell as soon as you open the car door. The fourth is a Louisiana iris. The last is new friend I found today! I've had turtles in the back yard before but it's been several years since I've seen one.

Edited to say I really can count! When I posted the pictures ended up in an entirely different order from what it was showing!! I'm sure you all can figure out which ones I was talking about.

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Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

LOL, Charlotte. That's why I got all confused with which DL's I was 'naming' last night. I was on my ipad too and I kept hitting the photo with my finger which deletes it and then I'd have to reload the photo and start over naming them in order. Sheesh! Now I'll just put in the photos and THEN write.

Cindy, I meant to comment on that pretty DL (#2 pic) too. And those iris Sandra & Charlotte posted! Yummy!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

That phlox does look a lot different than the phlox I have. I got mine from Sandra. I love it and it is slowly multiplying. I would like to get some different colors. There is a house I pass on a backstreet here in town that usually has a white phlox that is absolutely gorgeous..... I have considered stopping and asking if I could purchase a start of it - but i didn't know how the person would respond. Plus, there is really no place to park except in the street and it has a lot of traffic so I didn't know how wise it was...................and I would prefer to have someone with me but I never do when I go that way.

Here are a few more blooms from last night..... 1. Tiger Eyed Spider, 2.Mary Reed (I have a lot of this one if anyone would like any), 3. Paper Butterfly - this was new for me last year and this is my first bloom from it, 4. snapped this pic of Perseus Sandals while I was home for lunch.

Thumbnail by gen2026 Thumbnail by gen2026 Thumbnail by gen2026 Thumbnail by gen2026
Ripley, MS

I like that phlox also, is it the tall variety ? Hard to tell from the picture, it looks like the knee high variety. I have some white coming back now, but almost lost all of it a couple of years ago. Maybe by next year it will be big enough to share again. It is David--I don't know the name of the tall purple I have, but I like it as it starts blooming about the time the daylilies start winding down.
I bought a Mexican sage, and a candy corn plant for 2bucks each last spring in Mobile, I knew they would only live the season, but for 2 bucks, I could get that much enjoyment from them, both of them have come back ! I can't believe after the horrible winter we had. I knew the sage was coming back and I saw a little stem of the candy corn today while I was mowing !
Born too Late
Mayfair Season

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Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Marilyn, I took a couple of pics of the Nandina. The first is 'Flirt' and the second is Moon Bay. I had to edit this because I can't remember anything, LOL. Forgot I had 2 different types! Moon Bay has been in the ground almost 2 years and Flirt was just planted this Spring.

Genna, I love your DLs and would love to have some of that Mary Reed if we could ever get together. I still have some for you.

Sandra, I keep forgetting to tell you my Hot Lips is blooming like crazy and so is my other red one.

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra the phlox is a low growing creeping type. The flower is really big but the foliage you hardly see. They said it was a new variety. Don't know how new - maybe this year.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Meant to say a lot of flowers I buy I look at the way you did your sage and candy corn Sandra. It gives me pleasure just to look at them so I consider some like buying cut flowers but you get to enjoy them all summer. There are a few plants that I have had every summer for at least 25 years. I buy several tropical hibiscus every summer. I love the flower. I tried saving them for a couple of years but I'm not doing that any more. They just don't bloom as well as buying a fresh one and starting over. I always buy the tropical vine with red or pink flowers (mind just went blank). Also always have dragon wing begonias in the summer among a lot of other annuals. Richard enjoys them as much as I do. Some things I just buy because it makes me happy and flowers are one of them.u
Edited to say the vine I'm talking about is a Mandeville!!!'

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Congrats on those returning Sandra. I believe it was the Mexican Sage that I got a start of at Jim's? Actually got two because Jim said it was hardy, and I believe you or someone else said it wasn't for them. I planted one outside in what I thought would be the most protected location and put one in my garage. I lost both! :( But I would sure buy another one for $2 as well. I know I have picked up a few things occasionally at lowes on clearance that I knew wouldn't survive I just wanted to enjoy them. Plus, I have occasionally got a mandevilla as well - bought one this year at the Pittman sale, and then my annuals for my pots.

OK Elaine.... I will try to get some potted up and marked for you. For once I might actually be ahead of the game! LOL...... I have actually started a few pieces of my autumn red sage that broke off, and a couple of other things that I can remember at the moment hoping to have some plants to swap if we all get together.

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