Transfering Sprouts/Peets and dying

Douglasville, GA

Hello, I'm new and don't know the terminology but I purchased a jiffy green house and somehow I'm failing at it. I tried growing multiple seeds most recently bachelor button. Once they sprout and are a few inches long (standing what appears to be strong and tall) I planted them outside. By the end of the day they are flopped over and its like the stem is gone.

I'm new, what do I do?

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Those jiffy greenhouse/peat pots can be tricky. In my experience, seed/plants started in them often develop damping-off fungus and die. Spraying with a solution of chamomile tea will often work to stop the fungus. You can use either loose tea or bags. Put in boiling water and let steep until cool. Put in a spray bottle and spray the seedlings and the soil.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

New seedlings also need a 'hardening off' period before transplanting them out to the garden. They need to acclimate themselves over at least a few days, before finding that permanent spot.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I find MOST seeds don't like there feet/roots into such a hard wet little pod to germinate, I use either a small shallow seed tray that have holes in the bottom OR just fill a small pot with special seed compost and take a pinch of seeds between your index finger and thumb, sprinkle the seeds in top of the compost, sit the pot into a saucer of water for half hour and then drain any excess water, place in a light area OUT of direct sunlight but water from the bottom again, as before when the compost looks like it's dry. you know when the compost has taken up enough water when it turns darker in colour.
After the seedlings have grown a couple or nice leaves, that's the time you can separate the seedlings and transplant into a 3-4 inch pot individually, water as before, keep inside to allow them to get used to growing into the individual pots, after a few days, place outside in warmth but not direct sun, bring back inside at night, after about a week of this slow change to their new environment, you can than plant the larger plants outside in the borders for summer show.
You can use this method to start all kinds of seeds that cant be started of directly outdoors.
There are books at local libraries and book store to read up on germinating seeds of all types shapes and sizes, interesting and easy to read ones are best, the ones full of technical and complicated readings are really for the more experienced and will put off MOST beginners.
Good luck, hope it all turns out good and you get going for your new enjoyment.
Best Regards.

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