Some I grew in a container last year

North Brunswick Town, NJ(Zone 7a)

Hi all,
These are a few I grew in a large planter last year. When I it took the pics I had already cut off a few pods from one or 2 of the plants, but you can see they did quite well for being in a container. The tallest were over 3 feet, not Counting the planter of course, lol.
I only wish I still had the seeds, these were beautiful.
I have pure white seeds for this year, so that should be interesting to see what pops!
On a side note, I grew these through the summer, and they bloomed in early September! It was really. More of an experiment just to see if I could do it, lol. I had to really, really baby them through the summer heat, but they survived, and thrived. I did need a tomato cage due to the wind though. But considering I planted them from seed in late June, and they live through our crazy hot humid summers here in NJ, I was quite pleased with them. The mad scientist strokes again, lol.
Does anyone know the actual strain of these? They are somni, but not sure what one would call them. The last pic really shows the color, white with a lavender eye. Really something :-)

I did save seed from them, but they died from all the moisture early this spring :(
Ah well, here's a look for anyone interested :-)


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Hazel Crest, IL(Zone 5a)

Dannyboy that is a pretty flower. You might have some seeds that fell to the ground germinate.

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