SOLVED: Now what did I find ?

Success, MO


You all getting tired of me asking so many questions yet ?
Can't stay away,you guys teach me so many cool things !!

Okay,I was on another one of my 'walks' yesterday.I found TWO Really neat things...

First I found this one ... EVEN IDed it MYSELF !! It's call a 'Matromony vine' (HOPE I spelled that right!).Anyone know this one ? Doesn't really look like a vine,more like a's SO pretty!

Next,I've been keeping an eye on another plant I found this summer.This I THINK is Hen Bane , but NOT SURE...
Deeply cut jagged leaves,reminded me of scented Geranium leave.Flowers were lavender and white.ALMOST looked like some sort of poppy.No scent.Seed Heads now look like pods,short/rounded 'balls'. They're semi smooth,yet ridged and just a bit hairy...NOT sticky. Plant grew to about 1' 3/4 maybe 2'.

anyone have a link or photo of HenBane seed and pod ?

Thanks again !!

Hi NOWeedSZ,try this one:

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Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

here's henbane pictures

Matrimony vine If that's it ..... it's poisonous. So's the henbane for that matter. Henbane has a lot of interesting history if that's what you have.

Success, MO

Thanks for the site ! COOL !!
can't find my 'weed' there.Thou I IDed a buch of others there just now...

i got White Archangel , Clevers,Fat Hen,Common Fumitory,groundsel,Knotgrass in pink and white, Rosebay Willowherb,Slender Speedwell,Brush Vetch (and others!),A type of that wood sorrel...i look under wood sorrel to bring up a list to Id mine,Yarrows white and yellow wild,Bought the red.


Success, MO


I'm still not for sure of the henbane.The flower IS right,but the leaves are cut deeper and more slender.I'll keep looking.Bet they are more types !!

Whatever it is ,I'VE GOT SEEDS ... Wanna try them ?

The vine IS correct.Glad to know it is toxic.I've no lil ones around anymore,but I always share my finds,WILL be important for others to know :)



Do the seed pods of the alledged henbane look like a set of false teeth?

Success, MO


Oh , That is just too funny ! It's EARLY saturday morning,haven't finish my fisrt cup of coffee !! You have started my day off RIGHT .... with a SMILE !!

No, they didn't remind me of False teeth.The pods themselves looked just like the photos on Poppy sues link to photos.And the Flowers of two of them.The seeds are dark brown colored,some near black.I'd say about 1/16th of an inch long,comma shaped.

I'm pretty sure it is Henbane now.Just for some reason my leaves on this look a lil different.

Thanks !!

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