Planting Gladioli, Bleeding Hearts & Anemone in June/Zone 6a

Kitchener, Canada

Just purchased the following bulbs (on special) in June - Gladioli, Bleeding Heart, Anemone.
The directions say, plant from Feb to May, blooms in July.
Seems abit late to plant now in SW Ontario Canada, Zone 6a.
Any tips for a success?
Is it too late?

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

I don't know the other 2 plants, but it's a fine time to start Gladiolus where you are. They take only 6-10 weeks to make flowers, and need warm ground. They don't care what the calendar says, as long as it's warm and they have that long to do their thing. When they are on their last leaf, or frost ruins the foliage, dig up & store in a cool (but not frozen,) dry place until next year for more bang-for-your-buck. The older/bigger they get, the better they are.

They will likely fall over from their own weight, often right when the flowers start to open, so having something in mind for staking before they get to that point is a good idea.

Kitchener, Canada

So the Gladiolus have to be dug up each fall and stored in a cool/dry place over winter, and re-planted the next year?

And of the 45 Gladiolus bulbs, I had room to plant about 30 of them (and I don't plan to extend the garden further this year - Can these bulbs winter over another year and be find to plant next spring?

Thanks for the staking tip!

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

You need to plant the Glad's in pots of compost say 6 bulbs per 10-12 inch pot, they will NOT survive if left over the summer.
After the foliage dies down a bit you need to lift the clumps of bulbs carefully, LEAVE ALL the greenery and loosely tie clumps of bulbs together, either colour of flower, size of plant etc, Hang up the tied clumps of bulbs, allow the foliage to turn yellow and dry, then gently tug away the dead foliage OR leave them hanging IF in a frost free place, next spring, remove foliage and replant healthy bulbs, remove any diseased ones and burn them. there may be little bilbils attached to the parent plant and also, there may be some area of the used bulb needing removed as it has dried up and no longer required but, there will be a new bulb attached for replanting.
Just check the bulbs over winter and remove any showing signs of disease.

As regards the other plants, the bleeding hearts, these are very early flowering Peranniels, flowering late spring and normally going back into dormancy around May, they are not happy to be Moved once settled into growing place, so maybe good to keep in larger pots, sink them into the ground and LIFT the pot / plant all together and store inside in cool area over winter BUT remember to place back outside very early spring for flowering. They are very tender plants and don't like a lot of moving, Slugs love the lush tender foliage as there's not a lot of juicy stuff about as they emerge from clod winter to start feeding.

The Anemone can be treated like the bleeding hearts by growing in pots from Feb and stored indoors until the weather allows you to plant outside, either plant the whole clump of bulbs OR plant the pot of bulbs and allowing you to lift them back inside after flowering it might be good to leave a few in situ over winter and cover with a thick layer of mulch, mark with cane where they are and scrape away gently the mulch when you see other plants begin to awaken for spring growth.
Hope this helps you out a bit and you have much luck with your new plants.
Best regards.

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